Tile launches a new cat-tracking tag with three-year battery life

Tile, the AirTag rival now owned by Life360, today launched a new cat-tracking tag to help pet owners find their furry friends. The new device, “Tile for Cats,” is essentially a modified v

New pet tech at CES treats dogs and cats like the complex beings they are

There’s always fun tech for pet owners at CES, and 2022 is no different. But a handful of gadgets this year are taking care to treat dogs and cats not just as beloved furry friends but as intell

Ekasbo’s Matebot may be the cutest cat robot yet created

If Shrek saw Matebot, no amount of sad-eyes could win him back to Puss in Boots’ side. Created by Shenzhen-based robotics company Ekasbo, Matebot looks like a black and white cartoon cat and res

Snapchat now has cat lenses. (Yes, for your cat.)

It’s 8:00 PM on Friday night and you’re home alone and already drunk. Oh, is that just me? Well no matter. Snapchat has made lenses for your cat now. Yes, that’s right. Your cat! Thi

Fuzzy Pet Health launches a $10-per-month telemedicine vet care plan

A new subscription service will now let you chat with a vet from your smartphone for $10 per month. This telemedicine vet care plan is the latest from Fuzzy Pet Health, a subscription vet care servic

Google Photos gets more pet-friendly

If you’re a pet owner who uses Google Photos, you’ve probably typed in “dog” or “cat” before in order to surface photos of your furry pal – like anytime someo

A Cute Kitten Can Walk Again Thanks To 3D-Printed Wheels

Cassidy the Kitten was born without hind legs and was left for dead in a forest until he was found and sent to a shelter in Vancouver. The shelter nursed him back to health and then two students from

If Apple Made A Cat Toy, It Would Be This One

Amazing design isn't just for us humans. What about the cats who want a toy to play with like the new pretty iPhone? Nobody is really trying to make a cat's playtime as enjoyable as possible. WHERE

The Tail Behind Japan’s Cat Street View

Earlier this month, the Internet’s raison d'être was unleashed when Cat Street View launched. Created to purr-mote tourism in Onomichi, a port city in Hiroshima Prefecture, the site quickly gained

The Internet Was Created For Cat Street View

Drones are making it easier to share a bird’s eye view of the world around us, but we might be looking at things from the wrong perspective. Created as a tourism promotion by Hiroshima prefecture in

Pura Lets You Monitor Your Finicky Cat’s Water Intake

You can lead a cat to water, but you can’t make it drink. Even though felines are vulnerable to kidney disease, many are constantly dehydrated because they don’t have a well-developed sense of thi

I Can Has New CEO? Cheezburger’s Ben Huh Steps Down After 8 Years

After acquiring a tiny little site called I Can Has Cheezburger? in 2007, Ben Huh took it to levels that went way further than the internet. The site, and at one time Huh himself, were a bit of a hous

This Robot Falls Like A Cat

Our future robot overlords could have feline cunning and cat-like reflexes thanks in part to research being conducted at Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing.

PawTrack Is A GPS Tracker Just For Cats

With so many GPS pet trackers out there, is there room for yet more? The pet products industry is estimated to be worth $58.5 billion and there are more than 170 million pet dogs and cats in the U.S.

Epic Reddit Prank “Cat Facts” Is Now An App That Lets You Text Troll Your Friends

What do you get when you combine cats and epic-level trolling? Only one of the most popular Reddit posts of all time: the hilarious "Cat Facts" prank from Reddit user "frackyou" is the 8th most popula

Kittyo Keeps Your Cats Entertained While You Spy On Them

Do you feel blue when separated from your cat for any length of time? (I hope so, because then I'd feel a lot less alone). Despite their rugged individuality, indoor cats need to satisfy their stalkin

Behold Internets! Memrise Launches CatAcademy App That Deploys Cute Cats To Teach You Spanish

CatAcademy is a new iOS app from language learning startup, Memrise, best known (prior to this feline foray) for its eponymous crowdsourced mnemonic creation platform. Memrise's founding team has a ba

Petcube Opens Kickstarter Campaign To Let People Play With Their Pets Remotely

To combat the horrifying dearth of cute cat videos on the Internet, a startup called <a target="_blank" href="">Petcube</a> has launched a Kickstarter <a target="_blank" href="http:

PiP Uses Facial Recognition To Reunite Lost Pets With Their Owners

Having your dog or cat run away is pretty traumatic. And even if somebody finds your furry friend, they might not know where to find you. If your pet ends up in a shelter, chances are high that it wil

Google Makes Animated Gifs A Permanent Part Of Image Search, Find Falling Cats Easier

There are few people on the Internet who don’t enjoy a great animated gif. For some, having conversations only using these animated images is a way of life. But finding these images is a whole o
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