• Official: Castlevania movie in the works

    So there’s a movie coming up in the next few years based on the video games of Castlevania, one of the most successful lines of games ever. And we don’t mean the awesome-sounding one by my friend Warren Ellis, this is a live-action Simon Belmont pic by the guys who did Resident Evil and Stomp the Yard. Wait, what? Yes. Who knows, maybe it won’t 100% suck as bad as it sounds… Read More

  • Castlevania Figures From Comic Con

    “But enough talk, have at you!” I don’t do comics that much anymore and I rarely have time for video games. But you show me a good Castlevania action-figure and I’ll show you an excited guy in his twenties. Check out the frickin’ detail on Alucard and Belmont. Now this is what I call justice for one of the most popular Konami series’ of all… Read More

  • Your PS3 Just Got A Lot More Fun Today

    Sony today released the best Playstation (One) game available to mankind on the PSN store. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night can be had for the extremely low price of just $9.99. If you’ve never played this game, your credibility as a video gamer just got shot down. You play as Alucard, Dracula’s son, hellbent on destroying your father’s castle, etc. The game is massive… Read More