The cassette player finally goes Bluetooth

This month marks the 40th anniversary of Sony’s first Walkman, the portable music player that would forever change the way we consume music. And while the audio cassette long ago fell out of favor f

Sony Japan busts out cassette(!)/radio/CD-player combo

<img src="" /> It's not a joke: Today, Sony in Japan <em>did</em> <a href="">a

The Novac NV-CR001U digitizes music cassettes and LPs

<img src="" /> It's not the first device of its kind, but it's pretty cheap and compact: Japan-based Novac <a href="htt

Still own cassettes? Digitize them with this new gadget

<img src="" /> I doubt there are still many music cassettes around but if you happen to own some and want to save your childhood memo

Cassette wallets

<img src="" />As we enter the final year of the aughts, we need something new to show off how retro we can be. Duct tape wall

Bluetooth cassette adapter!

We’ve seen a lot of cassette adapters, and we’ve seen interesting Bluetooth devices, but this is a pretty damn cool mash-up. Let’s say you’ve got an old car with a cassette dec

Cassette MP3 player works in your car or on its own

I remember seeing a prototype (or something similar) of this kind of device maybe a couple of years ago and thought it was a pretty good idea. For those of you who have old cassette decks (or new ones

iPod Meets Cassette Deck

When you’re rollin’ on dubs in your Yukon Denali, chances are you’ll want to blast the new Young Jeezy album you pirated off Bit Torrent and on to your iPod. User JPPadula off of Car

Stick It to the RIAA Like It's 1992

Back in the ’90s, I was in a few “popular” local indie-rock bands. These were in the days of analog recording in a digital world, only high-end peecees had CD-R capabilities, and tho