cassette tapes

Cassette MP3 player uses finger twisting for charging and song skipping

<img src="">There are so many wonderful things about this MP3 player idea. It’s not an actual product yet, but here are the basics. Fi

Digitize your tapes with TapeLink

<img src="" />Tape is dead. However my silly brother still has 400 of them in the bottom of the car, most of them in pieces but some ar

Cassette tape watches, and their Cold War precursor

You may have seen pictures going around of this awesome cassette tape-styled watch. I happen to think the little written “Hour” and “Min” are butt-ugly, so I checked if there w

Sanyo MAJ-U02 Ghetto Blaster

The MAJ-U02 is equipped with a CD player, USB port, cassette deck (sweet!), digital FM tuner and a SD/MMC slot. The speakers are also hopped up with a bass reflex system, an amplifier with bass boost