• Review: Casio EXILIM 5.1MP camera phone

    Lets get a few details out of the way first. The Casio Exilim is one of the most expensive Verizon phones available at $279 with a 2-year agreement. Only the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro cost more. Not only that, the Exilim is loaded with a dated OS and is rather bulky. The only selling point that this phone has is the 5.1MP camera, so that’s what I spent most of my time testing. I… Read More

  • Casio reboots the G-Shock DW6900 with the GW6900

    Reboots of anything can be hit or miss, but Casio hit this one out of the park with the GW6900 G-Shock. A twist on the iconic DW6900, the new kid on the block features non-stop, tough solar power and self-adjusting multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping. The non-stop solar tech is easy to figure out, but in case you’re unfamiliar with atomic timekeeping then here’s the lowdown from Casio. Read More

  • Casio announces their first Super Slim WXVGA DLP projector, XJ-S43W

    InfoComm is this week and all the AV geeks are burning their pasty skin down in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Today, Casio announced the latest Super Slim projector with a native resolution of 1280×800 (WXVGA). Read More

  • Casio announces EXILIM EX-H10 point-and-shoot camera with superior battery life

    Casio Japan announced a new point-and-shoot camera today [JP], the EXILIM Hi-ZOOM EX-H10. The 12.1MP camera is a follow up to the EX-V7 and EX-V8 the company released in 2007. It features an impressive 10xoptical zoom (wide-angle starting at 24mm) and can shoot 1,000 images on a single battery charge. According to Casio, this is three times more than other cameras in this class have to offer. Read More

  • Six for the ladies – new Casio "Baby-G" wristwatches announced

    Casio announced several new additions to their Baby-G line recently, including some eye-catchingly bright pink models. Despite the questionable style choices, the new additions are solid watches. Read More

  • KDDI au rolls out 8 new (and partly awesome) cell phones

    Japanese telecommunications giants SoftBank and Docomo unveiled their summer 2009 line-ups last week and were followed by the country’s No. 2 carrier, KDDI au, today. While SoftBank is to roll out 15 new cell phones this summer and Docomo even presented 17 models, KDDI au showed only 8 new candy bars [JP] in the morning. But some of these are amazing. Read More

  • Casio collaborates with LRG for limited edition G-Shock inspired by Obama

    Inspired by the 44th President of the United States of America, Casio and LRG have once again come together to collaborate on the LRG X G-Shock. “This watch was inspired by Obama blue. This is a color that symbolizes hope. L-R-G, G-Shock and Obama are all a sign of the times, pun intended,” said Jonas Bevacqua, Co-Founder and Creative Director, L-R-G. Read More

  • G-Shock X Surfrider Foundation watch coming this summer

    This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Surfrider Foundation and to celebrate they’ve teamed up with Casio for a limited edition G-Shock that’s dropping this summer. The G5500SRF-1 aka X Surfrider Foundation collaboration watch looks like the standard G-Shock model, but it’s a Tough Solar variant with the Surfrider logo in the background. Look for it in July with a #130… Read More

  • Review: Casio Exilim EX-FC100

    I use a DSLR and I love it, and while I appreciate what point-and-shoots do, I’ve never really wanted one. This is partly due to the superior picture-taking ability of a DSLR, but mostly it’s other cameras’ unimaginative feature lists. The latest cameras boast huge numbers of features which I would never use (smile shutter? more megapixels on a tiny sensor?), and… Read More

  • Casio's high-bursting EX-FS10 digital camera gets release date and high price in Japan

    Casio showcased its EX-FS10 first during the CES in January and today said [JP] that Japanese buyers will get the high-speed point and shoot on March 27 for $510, which is considerably higher than the US price (the EX-FS10 can be pre-ordered for $349 at Amazon, for example). Back in January, Casio announced that in the US, the camera will be available in March without specifying a concrete… Read More

  • A very CrunchGear super-slow-mo reel using Casio's Exilim FC-100

    We’ve got one of Casio’s Exilim FC-100s for review right now, and of course the first thing we had to do was test out its vaunted super slow motion functionality. I was going to save this little reel for the review, but it was too fun not to share. Read More

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