Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 Watch Review

<img src="">While this watch dial in action looks like a miniature aerial view of an amusement park, something is actuall

Casio Releases Bluetooth Connecting G-Shock Watch

<img src="">A bit faster than I expected Casio has now finally debuted its first Bluetooth connected watch. The C

Fly Or Die: Does Flipboard Have A Chance?

<img src="" /> It's time for this week's episode of <em>Fly or Die</em>, the TCTV show where CrunchGear editor John Biggs and I

New Casio Green Slim Projectors Hit 3000 Lumens

<img src="" />Casio has upped the lumens on its Green Slim projector range, and changed... as far as I can tell, nothing else but

Is There Room In Your Life For The Awesome Prizm Full-Color Graphing Calculator?

<img src="" />Kids these days. Why, when <em>I</em> was taking Calculus, we had to use <em>graph paper</em>, and the pixels on o

Casio Annouces Two New Exilim Cameras – One With GPS, One Without

Casio is announcing two new additions to their Exilim point and shoot line – one a top of the line model with built in geo-tagging and the latest generation of GPS technology, and one entry leve

Casio Pathfinder PAG-240 Watch Review

<img src="">This Pathfinder is mid-line for Casio, lacking only the radio-set functionality of the more expensive versions. It

Two New Casio Point And Shoots For Your Enjoyment

<img src="" />I feel like Casio has been coasting since they released the <a href="

Casio's new giant G-Shock may be right for football players, you

In order to grab the coveted Dudes-Who-Look-Like-Turtle-from-Entourage market, Casio is launching a bigger G-Shock, a massive, wristband-like addition to the G-Shock line that is, in Casio’s own

Casio shows off the Green Slim Projectors, for gamers

<img src="" />Gamers listen up. You know that 40-inch LCD you’re proud to show your friends when playing <a href="http://www.cru

Casio's rugged digital camera EX-G1 gets 2 limited edition colors (in Japan)

<img src="" /> When Casio's rugged digital camera, the Exilim EX-G1, came out <a href="

Review: Casio GA-100 G-Shock Sports Watch

<img src=""> The G-Shock is a tough watch to love. They're Casio's answer to the Timex Ironman and, while

Casio releases the PAW5000-1 Pathfinder Watch

<img src="">Call me a sucker for a <a HREF="">Pathfinder</a>, Casio's monstrous s

CrunchDeals: Casio Men's Databank Watch for $20

<img src="">I remember I had a <a HREF="">Casio</a> calculator watch that could pick lottery numbers

Review: Casio EX-G1 rugged digital camera

Short version: The coolest-looking and slimmest camera in our roundup may also be your best bet. If only it had better video, the EX-G1 would be the best choice by far. As it is, it still gets my reco

Casio VL-10 synth is miniscule

Synthesizers? Calculators? In the same device?! If your first thought was, “I want one”, then today is your lucky day. The little brother of Casio’s VL-Tone synth, the VL-10, was spo

Woot! Casio Exilim EX-S5PE for $70

<img src="" alt="" />This $70 <a href="">Casio</a> Exilim is purple but it’s priced at over

This Casio G-Shock looks like they dipped it in Pixy Stix (comes with robot)

<img src="" alt="" title="gshock-man-box-march-2010" width="540" height="400" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-14

Rilakkuma Edition: Casio unveils ultra-cute Exilim

<img src="" /> Casio is <a href="

Casio's GPS camera coming in October

<img src="" />I don't get GPS in cameras. There have been times (not many, but there have) when I've been out taking pictures
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