• Casio Releases Bluetooth Connecting G-Shock Watch

    A bit faster than I expected Casio has now finally debuted its first Bluetooth connected watch. The Casio G-Shock Bluetooth is designed for use with upcoming Bluetooth profile 4.0 mobile phones that are said to be coming soon (a few might already be around). As Bluetooth 4.0 is designated as a “low energy profile,” this watch will retain a 2 year battery life on a single… Read More

  • Fly or Die Flipboard, Windows Phone 7 and Casio Tryx Review

    Fly Or Die: Does Flipboard Have A Chance?

    It’s time for this week’s episode of Fly or Die, the TCTV show where CrunchGear editor John Biggs and I look at three new products and debate their longterm chances of survival. In today’s show, we discuss Windows Phone 7, the just-announced Casio Tryx digital camera, and the popular Flipboard iPad app. At the end of the show, a special surprise guest appears from one of… Read More

  • New Casio Green Slim Projectors Hit 3000 Lumens

    Casio has upped the lumens on its Green Slim projector range, and changed… as far as I can tell, nothing else but the price. But hey, with HD resolution, a nice form factor, and now a full 3000 lumens, there isn’t too much they really need to change. Read More

  • Is There Room In Your Life For The Awesome Prizm Full-Color Graphing Calculator?

    Kids these days. Why, when I was taking Calculus, we had to use graph paper, and the pixels on our TI-83s were so big that you couldn’t tell whether you were looking at paraboli or hyperboli! The games were simpler back then, too. Drug War. Race. Janky Asteroids. Now you’ve got a full-color screen and more power than I had in my third computer! Read More

  • Casio Annouces Two New Exilim Cameras – One With GPS, One Without

    Casio is announcing two new additions to their Exilim point and shoot line – one a top of the line model with built in geo-tagging and the latest generation of GPS technology, and one entry level unit. Read More

  • Casio Pathfinder PAG-240 Watch Review

    This Pathfinder is mid-line for Casio, lacking only the radio-set functionality of the more expensive versions. It still has solar power (which I consider an essential feature for an outdoor watch), alarms, countdown timer, world time, altimeter, barometer, compass, altimeter, thermometer, trend graphs and an EL backlight. The case is 50.7mm across at the widest point, 15.5mm thick and 65g on… Read More

  • Two New Casio Point And Shoots For Your Enjoyment

    I feel like Casio has been coasting since they released the FC-100 and FS-10. That miniaturization of their famous high-speed imaging device was a serious boon to consumers, and to be honest, I still don’t see any reason to recommend another “vanilla” point and shoot over the FC-100. This pair of new ones doesn’t offer much except for small size, but let’s go… Read More

  • Casio's new giant G-Shock may be right for football players, you

    In order to grab the coveted Dudes-Who-Look-Like-Turtle-from-Entourage market, Casio is launching a bigger G-Shock, a massive, wristband-like addition to the G-Shock line that is, in Casio’s own words, designed for “sports players like basketball players.” Read More

  • Casio shows off the Green Slim Projectors, for gamers

    Gamers listen up. You know that 40-inch LCD you’re proud to show your friends when playing FIFA 11, the one that cost $1100. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a much bigger screen for that same price? Have you forgotten about projectors? Read More

  • Casio's rugged digital camera EX-G1 gets 2 limited edition colors (in Japan)

    When Casio’s rugged digital camera, the Exilim EX-G1, came out last year, it received great reviews (for example, from us). And it appears as if the 12.1MP device sold really well, too, as Casio today in Japan announced [JP] two limited edition colors (the EX-G1 GN in green and the EX-G1 SR in silver). Read More

  • Review: Casio GA-100 G-Shock Sports Watch

    The G-Shock is a tough watch to love. They’re Casio’s answer to the Timex Ironman and, while they’re quite rugged, the line has drifted towards Swatch-esque fashion models. Well, I’m glad to report the GA-100 brings it all back home with a world-time feature and stop watch that brings to mind the Citizen Skyhawk series with its dedicated readout windows below bold… Read More

  • Casio releases the PAW5000-1 Pathfinder Watch

    Call me a sucker for a Pathfinder, Casio’s monstrous sports watches designed for hiking, camping, and cage fighting. The PAW5000 uses the same quad-sensor movement as the other Pathfinder models including a digital compass, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer. Instead of an LCD display, however, the central seconds hand acts as the main indicator, offering a physical view of the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Casio Men's Databank Watch for $20

    I remember I had a Casio calculator watch that could pick lottery numbers. Why? I don’t know. I think I also had a data bank watch, very similar to this one, that I was able to use to keep all of my important phone numbers at age twelve. Those numbers probably included my friend Danny’s, my friend Richie’s, and maybe my own home phone number. Anyway, you can get one for… Read More

  • Review: Casio EX-G1 rugged digital camera

    Short version: The coolest-looking and slimmest camera in our roundup may also be your best bet. If only it had better video, the EX-G1 would be the best choice by far. As it is, it still gets my recommendation. Read More

  • Casio VL-10 synth is miniscule

    Synthesizers? Calculators? In the same device?! If your first thought was, “I want one”, then today is your lucky day. The little brother of Casio’s VL-Tone synth, the VL-10, was spotted on eBay with 7 hours left to go. 29 buttons, 5 different sounds, and 10 drum rhythms can all be yours if you hurry. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Woot! Casio Exilim EX-S5PE for $70

    This $70 Casio Exilim is purple but it’s priced at over $100 just about everywhere else, so let’s just go with it. It looks more pink to me, but Woot says it’s purple and who am I to question Woot? Speaking of Woot, that’s where you can get this deal (today only). Read More

  • This Casio G-Shock looks like they dipped it in Pixy Stix (comes with robot)

    My love of Pixy Stix is known throughout the seven seas, but that doesn’t mean I’d wear a watch like this. Really, now. You’d have to be the most candy-loving, grill-sunglasses-wearing, Surge-sucking rave-master in Neo-Tokyo to even consider it. Or I guess you could just be a kid who likes colors. And robots. Read More

  • Rilakkuma Edition: Casio unveils ultra-cute Exilim

    Casio is no stranger to teaming up with major toy makers, licensing super-cute cartoon characters, using them on existing digital camera models and offering up super-cute limited editions to a fanatic fan base. After cartoon cats Doraemon and Hello Kitty, it’s now time for Rilakkuma, an adorable teddy bear. The result is the Casio Exilim Rilakkuma edition that was announced [JP] today. Read More

  • Casio's GPS camera coming in October

    I don’t get GPS in cameras. There have been times (not many, but there have) when I’ve been out taking pictures and don’t necessarily want the whole world to know where I was. Casio’s new EX-10HG camera is going to take that option away from me, with their new GPS-enabled point and shoot camera. Read More

  • PRW-5000: Casio updates its Protrek sports watch line

    Back in February 2009, we reported about Casio adding the PRX-2000T to its Protrek series of watches for sports and trekking enthusiasts. And today, about one year later, Casio announced [JP] the Protrek PRW-5000/PRW-5000T, which at $630 ($780 for the 5000T) is considerably cheaper than its $1,000 predecessor. (These are the Japanese street prices.) Read More