• There Is A Difference Between Evil And Just Absurdly Profitable

    Lots of negative feedback from our post the other day on Cash4Gold’s amazing growth and profitability. This year, their third year of operations, they are on track to make $160 million in revenue and $50 million or so in profits. All from encouraging people to send in gold jewelry in exchange for cash. A handful of comments pointed out the very funny Onion spoof on the company where the U.S. Read More

  • Cash4Gold Absolutely Raking In The Money

    You’ve probably seen ads on TV and the Internet for Florida-based Cash4Gold, a service that buys gold from people (watches, rings, other jewelry, etc.) via the mail. You send in your stuff, the company sends you money. You have twelve days to say you don’t accept their offer and you get your gold back. The company pays shipping (both ways if necessary) plus insurance. The… Read More