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Previ wants to subtract personal expenses from your paycheck with a cash-back twist

Why disrupt the bank account when you can go straight to the true source of all consumer spending: an individual’s paycheck? Brandon Rodman, who founded customer communications platform Weave but le

Venmo launches a rewards program offering up to 5% back at Target, Sephora, Dunkin’ & Wendy’s

Amid increased competition in the digital payments space, Venmo today announced its first-ever rewards program, Venmo Rewards, which will allow users to earn automatic cash back on purchases when they

Cashback app Dosh raises $44M on a $240M valuation from PayPal and more

In an era where we can buy whatever we want from wherever we want nearly in the blink of an eye, loyalty, rewards and membership programs have become a major lever in capturing repeat consumer spend &

Apple ups dividend by 10.5% and increases capital return program to $300B

Apple just reported earnings for the first quarter of 2017, which were mixed. The company beat on EPS but slightly missed on iPhone sales and overall revenue. However, the company announced they are i