• Shenzhen Manufacturer Coconut Workshop Gives Back To The Earth With Cases For A Cause

    Shenzhen Manufacturer Coconut Workshop Gives Back To The Earth With Cases For A Cause

    Long-time Shenzhen-based electronics manufacturer Ben Dolgin-Gardner took a look around at what he was building and decided to make a bit of a difference. His idea, Coconut Cases, isn’t particularly unique – (RED) did it before him – but he’s in the right place at the right time to pull it off. Read More

  • Weev Awaits Sentencing in iPad Hack Case

    AT&T “Hacker” Andrew Auernheimer’s Sentencing Scheduled For March 18

    Internet activist (and Crunchies winner) Andrew Auernheimer’s sentencing trial will take place on March 18, 2013 at 10:30am. Auernheimer aka Weev revealed a security flaw in AT&T’s iPad user database, allowing him to scrape the data from 114,000 iPad users. He later published the data. The FBI investigated and filed a criminal complaint in January 2011. A full recounting of… Read More

  • Findables, The Startup Turning Device Cases Into Scannable Business Cards, Finds Its Way To Store Shelves

    Findables, The Startup Turning Device Cases Into Scannable Business Cards, Finds Its Way To Store Shelves

    Findables, a specialty case maker for smartphones and tablets, has just scored some significant distribution deals for its QR-coded, “connected” cases. Previously, the company was selling online and in 550 “The Source” locations in Canada, but will now be on the shelves in all 1,100 Office Depot stores in the U.S. next month, as well as made available on… Read More

  • The Lunatik Taktik Case Arms Your iPhone For Danger With Rugged Style

    The Lunatik Taktik Case Arms Your iPhone For Danger With Rugged Style

    If there’s one person who’s nailed the art of Kickstarter-driven hardware¬†production, it’s Scott Wilson. The designer’s MNML studio had considerable success with the crowdfunding site, which helped launch his Lunatik iPod nano watch bands, a stylus called the Touch Pen, and now the Taktik heavy-duty protective iPhone case. The last is just making its way out to market… Read More

  • These Wild iPhone Cases Are A DIYer’s Dream

    These Wild iPhone Cases Are A DIYer’s Dream

    With the advent of cheap 3D printing, I was wondering when someone would jump into the completely custom iPhone case market. Netherlands-based Polychemy has just released iPhone and Blackberry cases in five unique styles complete with 3D customizations. The cases cost $40 and you can have your name or #YOLO printed on the back. Your choice. They come in four colors. Read More

  • Scratch Shield: Nissan Introduces World’s First Self-Healing iPhone Case

    Scratch Shield: Nissan Introduces World’s First Self-Healing iPhone Case

    An iPhone case from Nissan? As you can imagine, it would make no sense for the automaker to develop an ordinary case, and the so-called Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone Case is actually special. According to the company, it’s the world’s first “self-healing” iPhone cover: in other words, it quickly fixes (fine) scratches by itself. Nissan says they used their self-healing… Read More

  • An iPhone Case That Will Remind You To Eat The Rich

    An iPhone Case That Will Remind You To Eat The Rich

    If you have more money than sense, I have an iPhone case for you. Watchmaker De Bethune has created the DW4 aka the Dream Watch 4, an iPhone case made of bead-blasted titanium with an embedded mechanical watch in the back. Why? Because the poor can suck it is why. Read More

  • Hands On With A Transparent iPhone

    Hands On With A Transparent iPhone

    Photos were a little hard to grab but I got to see a real, live “transparent” iPhone last night in Shenzhen. The kit is apparently quite easy to install – a few screws on the bottom and then you just slide off the back. I had seen kits advertised before, but this is the first time I’ve seen on in real life and, oddly enough, it’s kind of endearing. Read More

  • NTT Docomo’s Cases Make Smartphones Measure Radiation, Body Fat, Alcohol

    NTT Docomo’s Cases Make Smartphones Measure Radiation, Body Fat, Alcohol

    Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo unveiled a few pretty interesting smartphone add-ons today. Perhaps most notable are a set of special cases the company developed to not provide extra protection but to add unique functions to the handsets they are used with. These jackets essentially turn smartphones into dosimeters, and there are three of them: one to measure radiation… Read More

  • For iPhone 4: Japanese Beetle Case

    For iPhone 4: Japanese Beetle Case

    You look for a case for your iPhone 4 but those Hello Kitty ones we showed earlier this week are too girly-girly for you? Then here’s a (quite nasty) alternative: a case with a plastic Dokkiri, a Japanese beetle, glued to it. Read More

  • For iPhone 4: Super-Cute Hello Kitty Cases From Japan

    Tokyo-based Japan Trend Shop, an online store selling unique gadgets and lifestyle products from Nippon, started listing something super-cute today: Hello Kitty-themed protective cases (the site is completely in English) for use with the iPhone 4. Read More

  • Contest: Win One Of Two New Element iPhone 4 Cases

    Element Case just came out with two iPhone 4 cases, the Forumla 4 (above) and the Ion 4 (below). The Formula 4 is a full-body case while the Ion 4 is more of a bumper. Rather than sell their cases and make any money, they’d like to give them to you. It’s a new freemium business model they’re trying out. Here’s how to win… Read More

  • Review: Two Speck iPad 2 Cases

    Rather than waste your entire morning forcing you to read two iPad 2 case reviews (I think I could barely read one at a sitting, but but these are important enough to look at more closely), I’ve decided to mush together two reviews into one megareview, the way Voltron is made up of multiple robots. To that end, I present to you an assessment of the Speck Pixelskin HD Wrap and their… Read More

  • This Rilakkuma iPhone Case Has Ears

    I had a beautiful Rilakkuma iPhone case a few months ago but mine did not have ears. I am concerned that I missed out on something special. However, this one costs, inexplicably, $19 when the old version, without ears, cost $12. I’m no economics scientist, but ears don’t cost $7. Read More

  • Video Review: Element Case Vapor Pro Short version: The original Element Case Vapor certainly looked slick, but it had problems accepting larger 1/8″ headphone plugs — like the original iPhone. The latest revision, the Vapor Pro, addresses some of the complaints, but there is still an issue with the design. Read More

  • The Capulet iPad 2 Case… For The Ladies

    O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
    Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
    And I’ll no longer be a Capulet. Read More

  • Acme Made's New Clutch And Skinny MacBook Sleeves Now Available At Apple Stores

    If you’re in need of a sexy sleeve for your new Sandy Bridge/Thunderbolt MacBook Pro, you might consider picking up one of these from Acme Made. I reviewed a couple of their bags a while back and I know them to be pretty solid, with nice materials. These two new entries are available only in Apple Stores, though, so you’ll have to move your feet around to get ’em. Read More

  • Contest: Element Case Debuts New Vapor Pro Case For iPhone 4, Drop A Comment To Enter

    Here’s a neat treat for those of you still up. Element Case is going to giveaway their new Vapor Pro case for iPhone. It doesn’t even come out until tomorrow (don’t you feel special). You can enter here by dropping a comment or retweeting this post (@crunchgear) before Thursday at 9am. Tell us why you want the case. Read More

  • CafePress Wants To Give You A CrunchGear iPhone 4 Case

    Happy Thursday! CafePress, makers of customized T-shirts and books and mugs and stuff, wants to give you, the fine people of CG, 100 CrunchGear iPhone 4 cases. Why? Because you guys are b to the a to the d to the a to the double snakes, that’s why. This is a random for one of 100 CrunchGear iPhone cases and entering is pretty darn simple. Read More

  • Yours For $1,270: FRANCK MULLER Case For iPhone 4

    Truth be told, I never heard of FRANCK MULLER before, but the (apparently quite famous) watch brand from Switzerland has designed a special case for the iPhone 4 that can now be pre-ordered in Japan. And as FRANCK MULLER is a luxury brand, each case will set you back a cool $1,270 [JP]. Read More

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