Case-mod: Stargate Pyramid HTPC

<img src="" />There's an interesting correlation between computer hobbyists and science fiction fans. That's never more obvious then

Casemod: Widefault's Hackintosh Jr.

<img src="" />One fan of the Mac Pro tower decided to build his own hackintosh case, from aluminum sheeting and mesh. The best part is

Russian Suzuki ATX SLI Nvidiabike casemod

How’s that for an attention-grabbing headline? Russian casemodder “Xooler” has created this utterly insane mod for an Nvidia-sponsored SLI casemod contest. Unless that motherboard is

Mario Wii casemod: so subtle! so elegant!

In case you’re tired of the Wii’s slim, understated style, now is your change to add a 3D mario busting out of it along with all the garish color the flying plumber is associated with. Be

Rainbow Six Vegas PS3 Casemod: Tactical Pandora Diorama Theory

If you’re really into miniatures, and want your PS3 to double as a board for your figure-based strategy game (I know Warhammer 40,000: Vegas is coming out soon), this sort of thing is plainly fo