Case Mods

Zune case mod, for really insane Zune fans

[photopress:2293571765_048cac2126.jpg,full,center] Zune owners are a proud lot. I know several, and they rightly justify their purchases. At first it was all about “not an iPod”, but now t

Soviet TV case mod: Be happy you've got today's TVs

Not too long ago, this Soviet-era wooden TV was the 1080p, 70-inch plasma of its day. Now it’s computer case mod, sitting casually atop your desk like a proud worker. Honor it. Case Mod: Soviet-

Case Mods To The Extreme

Nothing screams ‘geek’ like a case mod, but we’re talking LEDs, clear case doors, or water-cooling systems. Modding your case into Batman’s Tumbler or Optimus Prime puts you on a whole differe

Gears Of War Xbox 360 Case Mod

Gears of War is a third-person action game from Unreal developer Epic. The game features top notch graphics and game play that includes a giant gun with a chainsaw attached to it. That said, the game

Case Mod: Peter Parker's PC

Pictured above is a case mod that would bring a tear to Aunt May’s eye. The CoolerMaster case mod features Spidey’s chest piece on one side and his mask (hung upside down, of course) on th