• Contest: CrunchGear's Death Grip Support Group

    Hello and welcome. There’s coffee and cake over by the door there, help yourself. It’s here to be eaten. Bathrooms are down the hall a bit, next to where you came in. Today we’re probably going to get a full house so file on in up front here. That’s right. Everyone’s friends. Welcome to the CrunchGear Death Grip Support Group. We are going to be telling each… Read More

  • Hands-on: Case Mate's iPhone 3G accessories

    My iP3G has been taking a beating for the last month since launch and it has its fair share of bumps and bruises. No cracked case, thankfully. I’m not big on cases for phones because I think it takes away from the simplicity and beauty of certain devices. The iP3G looks great, but when you look at it up close after a month of use you can definitely see the scratches and imperfections. Read More

  • This week in iPhone 3G cases: The Leather Ones

    A slew of cases have followed in the wake of the iPhone 3G release last week. For now: The Leather Ones… Read More