• Australian Ride-Sharing Marketplace Grabs $400K In Angel Funding

    Australian Ride-Sharing Marketplace Grabs $400K In Angel Funding

    Australian-based travel marketplace has lined up $400,000 AUD in seed funding for its ride-sharing service, which also aggregates transportation data. The angel funding was led by Andrey Shirben, one of the first investors in Kenshoo, a digital marketing software company. In addition to helping in the financing, Shirben will also bring his digital marketing expertise to assist… Read More

  • Carpool monitoring cameras being developed in the UK

    [photopress:hotlane.jpg,full,center] Loughborogh Uni scienticians have developed a camera system that can automatically detect how many people are in a car to bust those who undeservedly use carpool lanes. There aren’t enough police to patrol all of the UK’s highways, so this camera is meant to compliment their efforts. No word on if it can be fooled by a dummy like on that episode… Read More