BlaBlaCar to acquire Klaxit, a ride-sharing service for daily commutes

BlaBlaCar has announced that it plans to acquire Klaxit, a smaller French startup. Klaxit is a carpooling service so that you don’t have to drive your car to work every day. BlaBlaCar has its own co

BlaBlaCar raises $115 million to build all-in-one travel app

French startup BlaBlaCar has raised a new $115 million funding round (€97 million). While the company is better known for its long distance carpooling marketplace, BlaBlaCar has also added a bus mar

Corporate carpooling startup Scoop raises $60 million

Enterprise carpooling startup Scoop just closed a $60 million round led by Activate Capital, with participation from Goldman Sachs, NGP Capital, Total Group, BNP Capital and others to fuel its expansi

Carpooling startup Scoop partners with Lyft

Lyft is partnering with carpooling service Scoop to supplement Scoop’s offering to its customers from companies like LinkedIn, Workday, Samsung T-Mobile and Symantec. With Scoop, trips are pre-

France’s BlaBlaCar acquires carpool startup Less in ongoing ridesharing consolidation

The ongoing trend of consolidation in the world of ridesharing continues apace, with the latest development coming out of Europe. BlaBlaCar, the French carpooling platform, is acquiring Less, a young

Scoop launches corporate carpooling in Portland

Carpooling app Scoop, which recently raised $10 million in funding, is expanding into its fourth market, Portland. Scoop is a corporate carpooling service that works with companies like LinkedIn, Work

Waze Carpool’s new app lets riders get more choosy about their drivers

Waze’s carpooling app for commuters is relaunching with a number of new features designed to make it easier and safer to use. The company says it will now allow people to choose their shared ri

Daimler acquires German P2P carpooling startup Flinc

Daimler — the German car giant that owns Mercedes-Benz among other brands — has made one more acquisition to further its reach in ridesharing and what it sees as the next generation of how

Via raises $250M led by Daimler to bring its carpooling technology to Europe

As outsized ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft continue to build out their taxi-style marketplaces largely based around connecting individual passengers to individual drivers, a startup focused

Nine requirements for a successful private ridesharing system

The future of urban mobility is rapidly changing as drivers look for safer and more effortless ways to move from point A to point B. While autonomous vehicles are on the horizon, ridesharing options a

Scoop gets Bay Area cities to pick up the tab for carpooling to alleviate traffic jams

A startup that matches riders with drivers for paid and pre-scheduled carpooling, Scoop, has inked a deal with two big towns in the increasingly congested commuter hubs in the San Francisco Bay Area,

Lyft pauses Carpool service

Well, that was fast. Less than five months ago, Lyft launched a Carpool feature for people commuting outside of San Francisco city limits. The idea was that people would pick up passengers on their w

Green Commuter gets you to work in Tesla Model X

A vanpool is like a carpool, but a van can take more people to work in one trip. It is also significantly less cool-looking. But vanpoolers in Los Angeles need no longer worry about the potential for

Waze brings its carpooling service to the Bay Area

Google-owned navigation app Waze is expanding its ride-sharing ambitions with the launch of a pilot program in the San Francisco Bay area which will allow employees of select companies to carpool to a

Uber says that 20% of its rides globally are now on UberPool

Uber, the world’s biggest unicorn, got its start as a limo service that typically cost more than traditional taxi services. But as Uber looks to add an ever more mainstream audience globally, it

Tripda, Rocket Internet’s Carpooling Business, To Shut Down March 4

Another transportation startup has run out of gas while larger companies continue refuelling to tap into economies of scale. Tripda — a carpooling startup operating in 13 countries including

Carpooling, The Long-Distance Ride-Sharing Platform From Europe, Comes To The US

Ride-sharing platform Carpooling has been helping connect drivers and passenger together for more than a decade in Europe. Now the company is ready to bring its service to the U.S., providing a platfo

Early Uber Team Member Joins Uber Investor-Backed Ride To Create A B2B Carpooling Service

Thanks to the massive success of Uber, it seems there’s a new ride-sharing, carpooling, or other transportation service popping up just about every day. The latest is Ride, a platform designed to he

Carpooling Marketplace BlaBlaCar Reaches 3 Million Members, Rides Into Germany

Well, it looks like the carpooling race in Europe continues. <a target="_blank" href="">BlaBlaCar</a>, the European carpooling marketplace and competitor to <a target="_blank" Adds Push Notifications, PayPal Payment In New Android App, Clocks 550K Downloads

Munich, Germany-based company,, whose ride-sharing service helps shift more than a million people around Europe each month, has launched a new Android app -- adding a PayPal payment opt
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