Watch a real rocket scientist figure out (and beat) carnival scams

As a parent you often are forced by your tyrannical children to try carnival games. This, according to ex-NASA and JPL engineer Mark Rober, is a bad idea. Rober and his friends – including a pro

Carnival’s Mobile Marketing Platform Gets More Automated

When someone tells me that they're introducing "trigger messaging" to their product, well, it's not the most thrilling start to a conversation. But hey, mention automated FaceTime calls from One Direc

Newly Launched Marketing Platform Carnival Wants Brands To Stop Treating Mobile Like A Billboard

Just before the holidays, a new mobile marketing platform targeting brands and agencies, Carnival, quietly made its public debut. Based in New York and New Zealand, the company is aspiring to chart a

Sony adds four new and shiny colors to the PSP lineup (in Japan)

<img src="" /> Sony Japan <a href="">today announced the "Carnival Colors"

WurlyBird – Stupid Name, Fun Times

Totally Wicked Brahhh! Though the name sounds like something you’d pay $10 to a hooker for, the WurlyBird is actually designed with kids in mind. It’s basically an indoor fair ride that sp