carl zeiss

  • Carl Zeiss To Start Making Micro 4/3 Lenses

    Our brothers at HuffPOL/Engadget snagged this press release announcing that Carl Zeiss, lensmaker to the stars, will start selling M4/3 lenses in the near future. Note the release does not describe any particular lens but instead promises to start building in the format over the next few years and that they are now part of the Micro Four Thirds System group, a set of companies dedicated to… Read More

  • Gunnar Optiks joining forces with Carl Zeiss to make new lenses

    Gunnar Optiks, makers of advanced lenses to ease eye strain for computer users, is teaming up with Carl Zeiss to bring a whole new class of “optics” to you. Not a whole lot of details at this point, other than Zeiss coatings and tints “will be used on the Gunnar Optiks lenses to change the lenses to suit specific digital viewing environments.” Read More

  • Nice new Zeiss lenses for your Canon

    I’ve always been skeptical about third-party lenses, but I know in my heart that even Canon makes some stinkers (18-55mm EF-S anyone?) and on the flipside Sigma and Tamron probably have some great glass. But there isn’t even any room for doubt with Carl Zeiss — the famous lensmaker is bringing its craft to Canon’s EF mount. These Planar T* F/1.4 50mm and 85mm lenses… Read More

  • Logitech Introduces Carl Zeiss Webcams

    Logitech today announced two new webcams that each incorporate hot Carl Zeiss lenses. The QuickCam Pro 9000 (above) is true 2-megapixel cam intended for desktop use, while the QuickCam Pro for Notebooks incorporates the same features into compact and portable unit that includes a tripod. Both of the units carry a price point of $99 and should be available soon. I had the opportunity to look… Read More