Carl Sjogreen

‘Instagram for classwork’ Seesaw in 1/2 of US schools

Kids don't try their hardest unless they think someone's watching. Overcrowded classrooms and distracted parents can make pouring effort into school work feel pointless. But Seesaw's app turns their a

How Seesaw accidentally became a teacher’s pet at 1/4 of US schools

Seesaw’s educational app lets students save and share their assignments with their teachers, parents, and fellow classmates. They just snap a photo or video, draw, or write. But rather than just

Facebook Open Graph Leader Leaves: Director Of Product Management Carl Sjogreen Plots Next Adventure

Facebook's acq-hiring like crazy and retaining plenty of top talent, but today marks another post-IPO departure as Director of Product Management Carl Sjogreen <a target="_blank" href="http://www.face