• Blackhawk Network Buys Gift Card Marketplace Cardpool

    Blackhawk Network Buys Gift Card Marketplace Cardpool

    Y-combinator-backed gift card marketplace Cardpool has been acquired by Blackhawk Network, a subsidiary of Safeway and one of the largest distributors of gift cards in the world (here’s the official blog post). Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Cardpool, which launched in 2010, buys people’s unwanted gift cards, and sells gift cards at large discounts. They… Read More

  • Cardpool Mobile Allows You To Buy And Use Gift Cards On The Go

    Y Combinator-backed Cardpool recently launched the ability to sell a gift card online without having to mail it in via snail mail. Cardpool launched this feature because the startup realized that many customers didn’t want to wait for cards to arrive in the mail and were impulsive buyers. Now the startup is taking this one step further with the launch of Cardpool Mobile, a web app… Read More

  • Cardpool Launches One Gift Card To Rule Them All

    As gift card companies vie for consumer dollars, Plastic Jungle, Cardpool have been consistently innovating around the gift card model. For example, Cardpool recently launched the ability to sell a gift card online without having to mail it in via snail mail. And today, the Y Combinator-backed startup is launching a new feature today which should sake things up in the gift card… Read More

  • Cardpool Speeds Up Gift Card Selling By Removing The Snail Mail Option

    The gift card marketplace model has steadily evolved over the years, as Plastic Jungle, Cardpool and others compete to grab a piece of of the market. For example, Plastic Jungle is trying to partner with online retailers to power a payment portal in the checkout process that will allow shoppers to use a credit from a different store to make an online payment. Cardpool recently gave its members… Read More

  • Gift card marketplace Cardpool Introduces Instant Redemption, Attracts Super Angels

    There is no shortage of gift card marketplaces on the web, with startups like Cardpool, Gift Card Rescue, and Plastic Jungle all promising to rescue your unused credits or sell discounted cards. However, these sites typically require buyers to wait several days for the physical arrival of their gift cards, frustrating users who want to use credits immediately for online purchases. Cardpool… Read More

  • CardPool Wants To Buy And Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

    Gift cards can be a double edged sword. I recently got married and received a number of gift cards to stores where I never shop. But at the same time, I don’t want the value of the card to go to waste. There have been a number of auction-like marketplaces, such as Plastic Jungle and Rackup, that have popped up to allow users can buy and sell their gift cards to each other in an eBay… Read More