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  • Square Reveals A Thinner Credit Card Reader With Higher Accuracy And More Device Compatibility

    Square Reveals A Thinner Credit Card Reader With Higher Accuracy And More Device Compatibility

    Square did indeed reveal something new today as promised, and it’s a credit card reader design update, which is what we suggested was most likely yesterday when they teased the news. The new reader is thinner, and has a design that’s supposed to improve success rates at reading cards. Finally, the 3.5mm audio jack plug has been redesigned to play nicely with many more devices. Read More

  • Video: AppNinjas CEO John Waldron Demos "Swipe" Mobile Credit Card Reader And App

    “About three years,” says AppNinjas CEO John Waldron, when I asked him how long his group of companies have been providing mobile payments solutions to merchants. Three years. That makes them tribal elders when it comes to the nascent arena of mobile payment acceptance. When I say group of companies, I mean the conglomerate of AppNinjas and MerchantFocus whose services work together… Read More

  • Thanko is back with a 4-in-1 card reader pen

    One of Crunchgear’s favorite crap gadget vendors, Japan’s very own Thanko, is back. This time, the Akihabara-base geniuses present a 4-in-1 card reader that’s shaped like a pen [JP]. Incredible. What will they come up with next? Read More

  • Brando Adds Bluetooth, Hub to USB Card Reader

    We talk about cellphones and smartphones and iPods and Zunes all the time, and sadly some gadgets that are really quite clever get shorted. That is why I’m bringing your blog-reading attention to the 55-in-1 Bluetooth-enabled Card Reader. It’s similar to most other USB card readers, except that it includes a USB 2.0 hub and grants your PC or Mac Bluetooth capabilities. Read More

  • Inland Crams Three Devices Into One

    We love gadgets that solve two problems at the same time. We call that “convergence,” and it’s a wonderful thing. It’s especially interesting when a gadget solves not just two, but three problems. Meet Inland’s Aluminum Notebook Cooling Fan Pad with All-in-One Card Reader and USB Hub. It’s quite a title, but it’s quite a nifty piece of hardware, and… Read More

  • USB Card Reader with TV-Out

    <img src=" Pro), but also has a TV out function. Why? To display your pictures on your TV in case your camera doesn't have that ability. Unfortunately the device only supports JPEGs and not video, but has a 3×3 preview screen, slideshow, and works on NTSC as well as PAL. Rotate and zooming also supported, for some… Read More

  • DigiMate III: USB Card Reader on Steroids

    USB card readers are handy, handy gadgets. You’ve got your cellphone, Treo, who-knows-how-many digital cameras (Five for yours truly), and they all take different types of removable media. Reading and writing data to these little silicon wafers is the job of your multi-card reader, but that’s about all it does. Enter the DigiMate III. It’s a USB-2 multi-card reader (SD… Read More