• CrunchBase Funding Digest: Wisair, Sunlight Photonics, Carbonite,

    Every day I troll SEC Form D Filings to discover new startups, fundings and investments. I put everything I find into CrunchBase. For everyone else I give you the daily digest, a quick hit of the latest and greatest SEC Form D filings in the TechCrunch sphere: Wisair – UWB and Wireless USB Products
    Sunlight Photonics – Solar Power Technologies
    Carbonite – Data Backup Provider
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  • Online Backup Company Carbonite Loses Customers' Data, Blames And Sues Suppliers (Updated)

    The danger of storing your data in the cloud, part n. VC-backed online backup and storage provider Carbonite has lost data of 7,500+ customers who relied on the company to keep their files safe, The Boston Globe unveiled over the weekend. The newspaper gets the information from a lawsuit that was filed by the Boston company last week, alleging that two of its service providers sold it over… Read More

  • Han Solo frozen-in-carbonite USB flash drive

    Over on’s handmade marketplace, you’ll find a USB flash drive of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. And, yes, it’s sold out. But since everything on Etsy is sold directly by the creators, there’s a good chance that we might see another slow rollout of these handmade drives. When they were in stock, the 1GB Han drives sold for $25. Han Solo Carbonite USB Flash… Read More

  • Mozy Mac Out of Beta; 50 Free Accounts Available

    Online backup site Mozy is giving away 50 free year-long accounts to commemorate the official release of their Mac backup client. To get yours, send a message to that answers the question, “Why do you deserve free backup service for your Mac?” Data-loss horror stories are encouraged. The Mozy team will select the fifty best responses and will email the… Read More

  • Good News/Bad News For Startup Founder Cliff Shaw

    Cliff Shaw, founder of ProtectMyPhotos and DocSyncer, is having an up and down week. First the bad news. ProtectMyPhotos, which launched in October 2006, is done. They spent $280,000 in seed capital to try to make the idea work, but ultimately they couldn’t compete new backup services like Mozy and Carbonite. Mozy was recently acquired by EMC for $76 million, and Carbonite has raised… Read More

  • Breaking: Online Backup Startup Mozy Acquired By EMC For $76 million

    Online storage startup Mozy, headquartered in Utah, has been acquired by EMC Corporation, a public storage company with a nearly $40 billion market cap. EMC paid $76 million for the company, according to two sources close to the deal. We first covered Mozy in January 2006 as part of an overview of the current generation of online storage solutions. The company has a dead simple way for users… Read More

  • Mozy Goes Mac – First Really Useful Mac Hard Drive Backup Solution

    Mozy is in the news again after announcing a huge enterprise deal with General Electric last week. Today they’ve pushed a Mac version of their desktop backup solution for consumers. I’ve been using it for a week, and it’s extremely good. Previously Mozy and competitor Carbonite were excellent ways of backing up Windows based hard drives. Both are very reasonably priced at… Read More

  • The Carbonite Solution to Online Backups

    We’ve been tracking online storage for nearly a year, and for good reason. As the PC becomes the center of our digital lives, having backups of email, photos, videos and music becomes increasingly important. Solutions like Foldershare and USB hard drives help with the problem, but what consumers really need is a dead simple service that backs up your entire hard drive to the Internet… Read More