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Survey says!

Last fall, Alex and I discussed bringing back the TC+ robotics survey. I gave him the usual caveat: I’m into it, but it will have to wait until I can find the time. You know how these things go —

Carbon’s laser weeding robots score another $30M

If I’m an investor hoping to determine where robotics goes next after logistics, I’m looking at three key categories: construction, healthcare and agriculture. All are still in their relative infa

Carbon Robotics secures $27M for its autonomous field weeders

Agricultural robotics firm Carbon Robotics (not to be confused with our former Battlefield contestant) announced this week that it has secured $27 million in funding. The round — which features

Announcing The Finalists For The TC CES Hardware Battlefield: Nima, Carbon, IdentiLock, And Wiivv

The third annual Hardware Battlefield at CES 2016 is nearly complete. Fourteen companies took to the TechCrunch stage at the Sands Expo with six minutes to prove their viability in the market. And it

This Robotic Arm Can Do Everything From 3D Printing To Laser Cutting To Cake Decorating

Having hands is pretty damn great, you know. Most of us take it for granted just about every day. Armed with the right tool, your hands can do just about anything. That’s the idea behind Carbon

Meet The Startups Participating In Hardware Battlefield 2016 At CES

Today, we are thrilled to introduce the Hardware Battlefield 2016 participants. These startups represent what we at TechCrunch feel are the most interesting, most promising early-stage hardware compan