Carbon Fiber

  • Watch wall-walking spiderbots weave ‘impossible’ structures with carbon fiber

    Watch wall-walking spiderbots weave ‘impossible’ structures with carbon fiber

    Normally, the notion of setting a pair of spiderbots free in your house would seem alarming. But if you knew that they were weaving you a strange and mathematical hammock while you were gone? Suddenly that fear turns to wonder — and eventually, a nap. Read More

  • These Playing Cards Can Take A Bullet

    These Playing Cards Can Take A Bullet

    Playing cards, just like anything else, are ripe for disruption. I’ve purchased cards in airports, a CVS and the supermarket…but never online. That might change because of this Kickstarter. This is the biggest news since the Kevlar Pocket Square. If you ever wondered what you’d do if someone pulled a gun on you as you were playing poker, wonder no more. A group called… Read More

  • MarkForged: Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

    MarkForged Shows Us 3D-Printed Parts That Even Fezzik Couldn’t Break

    At the surface, the products made with a MarkForged Mark One printer don’t look like they’d be very strong. Printed in a crude-looking white and beige filament, the wrenches and tools demoed by founder Greg Mark at CES this year looked like any other 3D-printed object – flimsy and unfinished. However, once you tried to break them, amazement set in. The wrench he built based… Read More

  • Hublot Cathedral Minute Repeater Tourbillon & Column Wheel Chronograph Watch Hands-On

    The horological highlight from Hublot this year was the long-named “Cathedral” Minute Repeater Tourbillon and Column Wheel Chronograph watch. In a King Power style case, this watch boasts a case formed out of carbon fiber and a very complex movement that has (Yup, you guessed it!) the time, a tourbillon, a minute repeater, and a chronograph. Read More

  • Carbon fiber iPad case makes me want to put a turbo in my iPad

    At least, it would make me want to trick out my iPad if I had one. And this case is really making a pretty good case to get one. Too bad I’d spend all day looking at the back of the iPad instead of the more functional touchscreen part. It’s called the HoverCoat, by monCarbone, and it costs $90. Man, do they think I’m made of money? Makes a guy want to rob a bank. [via NotCot] Read More

  • Finally, a dishwasher safe carbon fiber wallet

    Geez, not to sound ungrateful but it’s like hey wallet industry, what took you guys so long? I’ve been sitting on this dirty wallet of mine for years with no obvious way to clean it. Thanks to the miracle of carbon fiber (it’s seriously a cool material, I’d wear a carbon fiber sweatsuit if I could), this $50 wallet from Hammacher Schlemmer “will never stretch… Read More

  • Sanyo presents world's first carbon fiber electric bike (and a foldable model)

    Sanyo landed a huge hit with its eneloop brand that includes a number of “green” products, such as lamps, batteries or even Wii controllers. In the past few months, the company also introduced electric bikes that featured eneloop technology, one of which it wanted to sell outside Japan as well. Now Nippon gets another two eneloop-branded bikes [JP], a carbon fiber model and a… Read More

  • Unbelievably sweet $12,000 all-carbon-fiber road bike from Delta 7

    I was just saying yesterday how my bike could probably use an upgrade — This seems like a logical step up. At $12,000 (and that’s before you customize it), the Ascend and its country cousin the Arantix aren’t really bargains, but at 1.8 pounds(frame only, that is), it’d be like riding a cloud around. The unorthodox “Isotruss” lattice style of woven carbon… Read More

  • Carbon fiber used in wings of new Airbus A400M

    Owners of super-light laptops can appreciate the miracle of carbon fiber, a strong but light material being used more and more in high-end notebooks. Airbus is now using the same carbon fiber material in the wings of its new A400M military aircraft. The reduced weight of the wings “cuts the fuel consumption by at least 20%," said Dave Phipps, head of the Airbus carbon fiber… Read More

  • Carbon fiber tripods from Manfrotto

    That’s the PRO4 I don’t know too much about tripods, but I do know that I’ll need one soon as my pictar taking abilities improve. I’m very twitchy for some reason. Anyway, Manfrotto announced a trio of carbon fiber tripods dubbed the CX-series. The low-end 190CX3 isn’t fully carbon fiber but its tubes are while the center column is aluminum as is the top plate. Read More

  • Sweet Nintendo DS mock-up, with carbon-fiber trim

    I’m not entirely convinced that Nintendo’s next handheld will be another DS, but if they were to do that, it would be pretty tight if it looked like this. Your criticisms are likely already addressed at the Giz article by the creator, Phil Nolan, but whatever your quibbles are, you know you’d love to have one of these things. I actually see Nintendo going for an… Read More

  • Pimp My Guitar Case

    A couple of years ago, Nick Comer-Calder designed an insane electric guitar case using leather, carbon fiber (err… that’s fibre across the pond), and silk, not to mention a high-tech suspension system. Well it’s no longer just a concept–you can now actually buy them… for a mere £3000 plus VAT. He also makes a mean case for classical guitars (£3100), violins… Read More

  • Sony Vaio G1: Preorder Now

    Weighing in at just 1.98-pounds, the new Sony Vaio G1 is the lightest girl in the class. To achieve this crazy low weight, the G1 features a carbon fiber chassis. There is, however, some substance to its feathery existence. It features a 12.1-inch XGA TFT and a 17mm keypitch keyboard. The G1 has a 1.2GHz Intel Core Solo processor and can hold up to 1.5GB of RAM. It also comes standard with… Read More

  • Carbon Fiber Hats

    Carbon fiber is the new, ummmmm…. chrome? These hats look like they’ve go great with Crash Override’s outfit while he hacks the Gibson and smooches an elfin Acid Burn [Link NSFW]. The hats are made by Ginity and are purported to mix Formula 1 materials with downtown street stylee, but I’ll believe it when I see it on someone’s head. Until then, feast your eyes on… Read More