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New research: Vast majority of VC-backed UK startups do *nothing* on climate emissions

Some 76% of the top 500 VC-backed U.K. startups have done nothing to either measure or offset their carbon emissions, according to new research shared exclusively with TechCrunch. In total, these comp

UniSieve’s filters use special crystals to reduce industrial emissions

The energy-intensive process of separating and purifying chemicals and gases is a big reason industries like plastic manufacturing cause so much pollution. UniSieve wants to reduce their carbon emissi

How much does your company pollute? CarbonChain gets $10M Series A to help answer that

Hardly any companies comprehensively track their emissions, but new government regulations will require it.

When life gives you carbon, make Carbonaide

Finnish startup Carbonaide has just raised €1.8 million in seed funding to knock down concrete’s carbon emissions, but not the construction industry.

Climate tech startups team up to decarbonize Arizona concrete plant

Local governments in the southwestern U.S. are putting up $150,000 to back what they say is a pioneering effort to “turn air into concrete at scale.” The funds will help cover the cost of

Guidewheel lands $9M Series A-1 for SaaS that boosts manufacturing and trims carbon emissions

Startup connects existing factory equipment to the cloud, giving manufacturers a real-time view of their operations.

Sydney-based Pathzero helps investors track their portfolios’ carbon emissions

Financial institutions are waiting for the SEC and other regulators to pass rules about how to disclose emissions from their portfolio companies. Until then, many are following the standard set by the

Avarni is building a comprehensive dataset to analyze supply chain emissions 

For companies aiming toward net zero, tracking scope 3 carbon emissions is a key challenge. Scope 3 are emissions along a supply and value chain, which means they have to account for a large number of

Accacia tackles the real estate industry’s massive carbon emissions problem

The real estate and infrastructure sectors contribute about 40% of global carbon emissions, and part of solving the climate crisis is fixing how those industries work. Accacia gives large property own

Plant Prefab nabs $42M to crank out ‘extremely sustainable’ custom homes

Prefabricated homes always seem to be on the cusp of something big — solving housing shortages, tackling systemic waste or just generally ushering in the “very up-to-date.” But in the U

Carbon cap and trade for developing world could spur massive investments — if it works

The policy is heading in the right direction, though it has enough missing pieces to either be a bust or a diplomatic breakthrough.

Kuri is an app that wants to reduce your food’s carbon footprint

Climate change and the industrial food complex are intrinsically linked. As that sinks in to the public consciousness, more and more people ask the question “What can I do to help reduce my impa

World Fund joins $128M bet that quantum can deliver climate breakthroughs

World Fund, a newcomer in climate-VC land, is taking the lead in a $128 million round for IQM, with hopes the Finnish quantum computing company will one day deliver carbon cuts by the megatonne. Quant

US Supreme Court says EPA can’t regulate carbon pollution under Clean Air Act

The 6-3 decision makes it increasingly likely that an act of Congress will be required to rein in planet-warming emissions.

‘How doomed are we?’ and more questions for a climate expert

I doubt you'll blame me for blurting out, "How doomed are we?" the moment I sat down with renowned climate modeling expert William Collins at TC Sessions: Climate. 

Lune offers an API to calculate carbon emissions at checkout

Meet Lune, a new startup that wants to expose CO2 emissions calculations so that customers are better informed when they purchase something online. When companies start using Lune’s API, they can al

With a plan to decarbonize heating systems with hydrogen, Modern Electron raises $30M

A huge amount of energy use on our planet goes toward creating heat, and not only that, but a large amount of that energy is wasted and byproducts like CO2 blasted into the atmosphere. Modern Electron

Lime raises $523M as it prepares to go public

Shared electric micromobility giant Lime has closed a $523 million raise in convertible debt and term loan financing, money that Lime CEO Wayne Ting says is the next step on the company’s path t

Wavemaker Impact launches to help entrepreneurs build climate tech startups

Wavemaker Partners doesn’t just want to invest in climate tech and sustainability startups. It also wants to help build them. Today, the Singapore-based firm announced the launch of Wavemaker Impact

A growing number of startups are creating APIs to assess and offset corporate carbon emissions

It was only a matter of time before application programming interfaces came for the carbon credit offsets — the voluntary programs that allow companies to cancel out their greenhouse gas emissio
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