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Mercedes Updates Its Media Interface

<img src="" />We at CrunchGear love to hear about new tech that car companies are adding to dashboards. Mercedes, not wanting

The Technology Behind The Hyundai Equus Is Impressive

<img src="" />As we move into the next decade, there will be a push for more electronics in our cars. We human

Fujitsu announces world's first wraparound view video system for vehicles

Fujitsu today unveiled the world’s first video technology for vehicles that provides a 360° view of a driver’s surroundings. The system, which consists of four video cameras mounted around a

Iqua Snake 2: Hands-Free Bluetooth Weirdness

While I’m on the subject of companies at the Sands during CES, check out this device from mobile-communications manufacturer Iqua (the company’ll be at the Sands if you’re Vegas boun