Car tech

Europe agrees raft of safety features to be baked into new vehicles

All new vehicles sold in the European Union must have a wide range of safety features baked in as standard in the coming years, after EU institutions reached provisional agreement on a safety regulati

B-Secur’s heartbeat biometric ID tech bags $4.5M

Northern Ireland based B-Secur has closed a £3.5m (~$4.5M) late stage seed investment for its biometric authentication technology that utilizes an individual’s unique heartbeat pattern, known as a

Apple Accused Of Poaching Auto Engineers For Advanced Battery Division

Apple is said to be building a new battery division that competes directly with a firm that builds lithium-ion batteries for cars and other large vehicles, in a new lawsuit that accuses Apple of poach

GarageFuse Launches 3D Social Aftermarket Configurator For Car Enthusiasts

Virtually every car manufacturer today has an online car configurator that shows you what your car will look like as you spec it out. For car enthusiasts, however, the car the manufacturer delivers is

Show us the tech in your car, win $200 in audiobooks from Simply Audiobooks

If you’re anything like me, you drive only rarely and consider a car a luxury, not a daily necessity. If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you live in your vehicle. The folks at

The Sucky Future Is Now: In-Car WiFi

Further adding to the headache that is the rental car experience, Avis will be adding WiFi services to all of its rental cars as an add-on service, starting next year. Autonet Mobile, the provider of