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CrunchDeals: JVC double-DIN car stereo for $270

<img src="" alt="JVC" />If you find driving an automobile to be an ultimately boring and mundane experience, you might think abo

Circuit City installation techs destroy customer's Honda, refuse to pay full damages

I drive a Kia Spectra that I just love. I bought it brand new 2004 and one of the first things I did was have an iPod adapter kit installed for the car stereo. I’m an iPod guy, and I want to tak

NAVISURFER II in-dash computer with moving screen

  The other day, I got stuck behind a little Honda Civic hatchback that was swerving back and forth, crossing over into the lane on its left and then the lane on its right a few times before fina

Help-Key: How to integrate your iPod with your car stereo easily

Many car stereo houses are pushing car decks this holiday season that have built-in iPod integration. There’s a dock connector, and most let you view and control the content on your deck’s