• Google working on picture-based captcha to save us from ourselves

    You’ll recall that, about a year ago, we decided to make captchas—those things you find on Web sites at login that require you to decipher and type words or numbers—our raison d’etre. Two days later we stopped caring (though it is incredibly annoying to have to deal with a captcha, as you see up there, when trying to log into my router—is a spammer or other… Read More

  • Using captchas to digitize old, damaged books

    Those dumb captchas may actually serve a purpose now. A gentleman by the name of Luis von Ahn at Carnegie Mellon University (Biggs went there!) has devised a system whereby software-unreadable words are sent to captcha providers. Since the software is unable to discern what the words are, captchas then step in, and we humans get to identify them when logging into our favorite sites. As… Read More

  • Basically, you need a doctorate to understand captchas now

    What’s the deal with captchas? Check out this one from Rapidshare. I need to do what, find the letter with the little cat? I’m sorry, but did we lose a war? Do you know how crushing it is to sit in your apartment trying to download the latest Samim song (it stinks, by the way), squinting at the monitor—OK, that’s a cat, no wait it’s a dog with a cat mask! Captchas… Read More