Investors are pouring money into Frank, a TurboTax for student loan applications

Venture capitalists have been trying to make money from the higher education market for years. It's a rich target for the clutch of investors that pride themselves (in their better moments) on invest

The ethics of colonizing Mars

Should we take ourselves to other planets? Human rationality and values have woven dark, damaged, all-powerful systems into the tapestry of civilization. Most notably: capitalism and consumerism. Do w

Who Lives And Dies In A Down Economy

The Bay Area is well-acquainted with boom and bust cycles, and while it’s too soon to declare that the tech economy has turned, recruiters see early indicators that it’s happening. Indeed, a h

Building A Better Version Of Capitalism Is A Massive Startup Opportunity

Why, on a philosophical level, has Facebook been so staggeringly successful? A startup that swelled into a multi billion dollar revenue generating business in a relatively short span of years, one whi

After Technology Destroys Capitalism

In honor of <a target="_blank" href="">May Day</a>, let's think big for a moment. No, no, no. Bigger than that. Consider all the furious attention paid to eco

Marc Andreessen Champions Innovation Through Trial and Error, And Error, And

This evening at <a href="">Andreessen Horowitz</a>'s offices in Menlo Park, founding partner Marc Andreessen sat down w

Financial sector crisis is a field day for domain squatters

I don’t pretend to understand the reasons behind the current financial meltdown, but I do know that the topography of the money business is going to be changing soon. I don’t have any way