Crunch Report | Facebook’s Election Hub

Google Capital has rebranded to CapitalG, Facebook hub gives its election hub top billing in hopes of making you a more informed voter, Wish is rumored to be raising $500 million, Lucas Matney was rea

When The Funding Bubble Bursts It Doesn’t Have To Mean Disaster

Hold tight. Wait till the party’s over Hold tight. We’re in for nasty weather ~Talking Heads, Burning Down The House One law of economic physics always holds true: what goes up must come d

Winter Is (Probably) Coming (Soon)

That’s the gist of a recent interview that venture capitalist Bill Gurley gave. His words matter because they cut to the simple fact that too many companies are burning too much money. Making mo

How Pebble And Other Product Phenomenons Killed It On Kickstarter

It's a good time to be <a target="_blank" href="">Kickstarter.</a> The crowdfunding platform has had a blockbuster year, breaking into mainstream consciousness with campaigns

How Technology Can Solve The Financial Industry’s Deficit Of Trust

To say Wall Street currently suffers from a deficit of trust would be an understatement. In the last few years alone, the government had to bail out Wall Street to the tune of <a href="

Realtime Matching Startup Raises Series A From Dawn Capital

<img src="" width="215" height="45" />The wave of investments in "realtime" is continuing with today's annou