Tokyo Game Show: A look at the Square Enix, Xbox360 and Capcom booths

<img src="" /> I posted some pictures of Sony's and Ubisoft's booth at this year's Tokyo Game Show <a href="http://www.crunch

Contest: 5 Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles zombie tees

<img src="" alt="" />Remember those wicked <i>RE: The Darkside Chronicle</i> Zombie tees that Capcom was <a href="http://www.crunchgear

Capcom announces the Platinum Hits Triple Pack for Xbox 360

<img src="" alt="" />I love it when publishers bundle a couple or more classic titles from the lineup for a discounted

40/40 rating: Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 gets perfect score from Famitsu

<img src="" /> Japan's biggest gaming publication, the Famitsu, has rewarded another RPG for a Nintendo system with a perfec

Capcom reveals Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles cover art, but who's the guy in the back?

<img src="" alt="" />So Capcom just revealed the box art for their upcoming Wii RE title, but there's a mystery character in the shadows

Resident Evil 5 release date for PC announced

<img src="" />Capcom has made it official: Resident Evil 5 is coming to the PC on September 15th. The fifth installmen

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 dated for PSN, XBLA

Get ready to throw down $15 Capcom’s Marvel vs. Capcom 2 via the PlayStation Network on August 13. Xbox 360 owners will get the downloadable title two weeks before on July 29. That is all.

Capcom finally dates Marvel vs Capcom 2, hitting XBLA later this month

Launching in conjunction with Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade, Capcom will release Marvel vs Capcom 2 on July 29 for 1200MS Points via Xbox Live.

E3 2009: Omnibus E3 demo/hands-on roundup

We came, we saw, we played.

CrunchDeals: Bionic Commando: Rearmed is half off on XBLA

<img src="" alt="" />Ahoy hoy, Bionic Commando fans. Capcom just passed this along to us and we wanted to let you know that start

Capcom Preview: Dark Void, Spyborgs, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

<img src="" alt="" />The E3 Expo is just around the corner and late last week Capcom dropped by NYC to showcase a handful of games ahead

For PC: Street Fighter IV in Japan on July 2

<img src="" />July 2, 2009. That's when <a HREF="

Looky, looky: PC Street Fighter IV has (slightly) different render modes

<img src="" />Good—albeit ludicrous—news, PC gamers. Capcom will announce the release of the PC version of <i>Street Fighter IV<

Capcom's Resident Evil 5 "Versus" mode going live April 7

After a delay in Japan, Capcom has just announced that the online multiplayer “Versus” mode will go live tomorrow for the Xbox 360 and PS3. PlayStationers will have to fork over $4.99 or 400MS Poi

Mega Man II for iPhone: it sucks

<img src="" alt="" /><strong>How to kill buzz:</strong> After releasing an excellent retro-remake (say Mega Man 9), offer a po

Capcom dates Bionic Commando, schoolgirl giggles ensue

I’m squealing like a pig on its way to the slaughterhouse over confirmation from Capcom that Bionic Commando will be hitting the US on May 19th. The PC version is said to be shipping shortly after t

Buyer beware: There's a lot of fees associated with that Street Fighter Visa debit card

<img src="" />Sure, that <a HREF=""><i>Str

Capcom talks PC gaming, digital distribution

<img src="" />When you think of Capcom, you think of consoles — that's pretty much a brand they've been building up for 20 years. I

Should Capcom reboot Resident Evil starting with Resident Evil 6?

<img src="" />The Milkman delivers! 1UP's just-launched, comprehensive <i>Resident Evil 5</i> section includes a note from the site's

Capcom announces Lost Planet 2

<img src="" alt="" />Welcome to the jungle! Late last week, Capcom teased us all on Xbox Live that they would be announcing a new ga
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