• The Beercan Bot: Frighten Your Drunk Friends

    Imagine cracking open a cold one and, before the sweet nectar hits your lips, the freaking can turns into a walking, rolling, transforming beerbot. Scary, right? Well this young Japanese man has created a canbot to end all canbots. It is controlled via Wiimote and it can transform, roll around, and even walk using a shuffle technique straight out of my worst nightmares. Read More

  • JVC has two new sets of cans, the Black Series (sounds mean)

    JVC knows what’s up. It’s good to see that not every set of headphones outed by A/V companies lately are in-ear models. Over-the-ear cans are not only so much more comfy, but they generally sound better than in-ear ones too. These two new models come to us under the Black Series label – whatever the hell that means. Read More

  • Canned Shape Card Reader

    If you’re anything like me, you woke up this morning, grabbed your first beer of the day out of your bedside mini-fridge, and got ready to face the demons. But what if that can didn’t contain beer but memory card slots! How funny — and infuriating — would that be? Who would you kill? No one, right? Because no one will talk to you. Their loss. Well, now you can… Read More