Canopy Labs

Canopy Labs Relaunches To Help Businesses Understand Their “Fuzzy” Customer Funnels

Y Combinator-backed Canopy Labs has relaunched with the aim of giving businesses a detailed understanding of customer journey, i.e. where a customer is in the buying process. I last wrote about the

Canopy Labs Raises $1.5M To Make Customer Analytics More Accessible

<a target="_blank" href="">Canopy Labs</a>, a Y Combinator-incubated startup promising to help mid-sized businesses identify their most valuable customers, has raised $1.5 mil

Y Combinator-Backed Canopy Labs Unveils A Self-Serve Approach To Customer Modeling

<a target="_blank" href="">Canopy Labs</a>, a company in the current class of startups incubated by <a target="_blank" href="">Y Combinator</a>, aims