• SEC Files Lawsuit Against Canopy Financial And Co-Founder For Fraud

    Just before Thanksgiving we broke the news that Canopy Financial was cooking its books. Everyone involved tried to point the finger to someone else. Well, now the SEC has weighed in with lawsuit alleging fraud on the part of Canopy and one of its co-founders Jeremy Blackburn, who was the COO. He misled investors about Canopy’s financial condition when raising a $75 million round. … Read More

  • Canopy Financial Turns Into Sad, Comical Game Of Hot Potato

    This morning we broke the news that Canopy Financial, no. 12 on this year’s Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies, is a complete sham. And it’s no surprise that today, everyone is trying to point the finger at everyone else. The company’s investment bank, Financial Technology Partners, which has represented Canopy Financial through at least two separate rounds of… Read More

  • Canopy Financial Accused Of Serious Financial Fraud, Investors Burned

    Something really, really bad went down at high flying startup Canopy Financial. This is one of the high flying startups that had a lot of buzz the last couple of years. They’ve raised at least $85 million in venture capital with the help of an investment bank, Financial Technology Partners. Their most recent round, a reported $62.5 million, was funded by Spectrum Equity… Read More