Linux on Microsoft Azure Platform-as-a-Service: Big Whoop

As much fun as it is to view the world in a "Linux versus Microsoft" way, the reality is that a technology monoculture is less useful than a heterogenous one. Even Microsoft knows this: they've made a

Mark Shuttleworth is Passionate About Canonical, Patents, and Space

<a href="">Mark Shuttleworth</a> is the founder and former CEO of <a href="">Canonical</a>, the commercial company behin

Canonical Metal-as-a-Service: Not Quite As Cool As It Sounds

<a href="">Canonical</a>, the corporate sponsor of the <a href="">Ubuntu</a> Linux distribution, has been doing a lot of interestin

Canonical Announces Ubuntu for Android

Canonical's <a href="">Ubuntu TV</a>, unveiled earlier this year, was the first in a series of announcements about "Ubuntu on devices". The next d

Mark Shuttleworth Unveils New Head-Up Display for Ubuntu 12.04

Every time I write about <a href="">Ubuntu</a> and its (not-so) new Unity interface, I see lots and lots of comments decrying it as useless, an abomination, the worst

I Want My Ubuntu TV!

<a href="">CES</a> is upon us, and is no doubt chock full of the usual suspects of consumer electronics OEMs, ODMs, and more. One interesting new attendee this year is Ca

Ubuntu Developer Summit Kicks Off, Mark Shuttleworth Shares Plans for Ubuntu 12.04 and Beyond

The Ubuntu Developer Summit, starting today in Florida, is a gathering of Canonical employees, industry partners and Ubuntu community members to "define the focus and plans for [the] up-coming versio

Linux Foundation, Canonical and Red Hat Weigh In On Secure Boot

There's been some hubbub lately about Secure Boot, a hardware-verified, malware-free operating system bootstrap process that aims to improve the overall security of computers. Part of the UEFI specifi

Vodafone and Canonical Release a Webbook in South Africa

Vodaphone and Canonical today announced the Vodacom "Webbook", the fruit of a joint effort to develop a low-cost mobile computing solution for South Africa. Most of the specs are about what you'd expe

The World Welcomes Oneiric Ocelot: Ubuntu 11.10

The <a href="">Ubuntu</a> Linux distribution has come a long way since it's first release in 2004. It started out as a nicely packaged Linux desktop, built from a spec

Canonical Releases Windows Version of Ubuntu One

<a href="">Canonical</a>, the commercial backer behind the <a href="">Ubuntu</a> Linux distribution, have been hosting a file synch

LinuxCon: All About Clouds

Almost every single keynote at LinuxCon, and certainly every private conversation I had with folks here, involved "cloud" in some way. As Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst observed in his keynote, there's no

Whither the Ubuntu Tablets?

<img src="" />The iPod revolutionized the portable media player market. The iPhone shook up the smart phone market. The iPad is se

FOWA 2009: Simon Wardley on what cloud computing standards mean for tech startups

Looking at the Twitter stream of Day 2 at FOWA 2009, it’s clear that Canonical’s Simon Wardley hit all the right buttons with his levelheaded and wryly humourous take on the ongoing evolut