Canon Launches New Powershots, We Write Post About Them

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a camera company releases a barrel full of new cameras on the evening following the Super Bowl? You’re about to find out. Because Canon, AKA Sunday

Canon Increments DSLR Line With New T3i And T3

Compact DSLR video has been made slightly more crowd-friendly with Canon’s latest cameras, the T3i and T3. The former is clearly a direct successor to the T2i, which we reviewed here, and the T3

Canon 600D (AKA T3i) In Korean Agency Listing Suggests Imminent Launch

<img src="" />We heard a while back that Canon might be doing a serious refresh of its lineup soon, and that the most likely place would b

Firmware For Canon T2i To Allow 4K Recording On 1/1/11

<img src="" />This is pretty cool, though let's all just admit right off the bat that the limitations are pretty major as well. This custom 3

In The Era Of The Connected Camera, The Point & Shoot Commits Seppuku

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-246815" title="Screen shot 2010-11-21 at 7.00.45 PM" src="" alt="" />Th

Canon Applies For Patent On New 24-70 F/2.8L Lens

<img src="" />How unexpected. The <a href="

Video: Canon Shows Off Cross Media Station Device That Charges Camera Via Induction

<img src="" />Is this magic? That's my cute way of opening the discussion of the Canon Cross Media Station. It's an inductive charging stati

Canon Printers Scan Print Jobs For "Sensitive Material"

<img src="">Canon's Uniflow technology will read print jobs sent to it and flag documents containing words deemed unsafe or insecure by a

Hands-Off Comparison: Nikon D7000 And P7000 Vs. Canon 60D And G12

Canon and Nikon, the photography world’s Hatfields and McCoys, have both recently released new DSLRs and compact manuals. While all of them are certainly excellent cameras, they’re clearly

Canon G12 Price Leaked

<img src="" />Canon cannot catch a break, at least someone in their company can't keep their <a href="

Concept And Future Gear Shown Off At Canon Expo

<img src="" />Canon's invite-only, once-every-five-years Canon Expo is in full swing ri

Canon's New CMOS Sensor Is 40 Times Bigger Than Others

<img src="" /> Exactly one week ago, Canon unveiled a <a href="

Canon Launches The EOS 60D, A Good Rebel T2i Replacement

You might as well take your Rebel T2i back to the store, friends, because Canon just dropped the EOS 60D, a mid-range DSLR with RAW shooting, a swing-mounted LCD, and great video recording.

Canon Packs 120 Megapixels Onto Sub-Full-Frame Sensor

<img src="" />This is a bit insane. Canon has produced a sensor smaller outputting a ridiculous 120 megapixels, packed into an area

Another Canon Lens Mug! Want So Bad!

<img src="" />What is it about lens mugs that gets me? Ever since we first saw that <a href="

Canon G12 Leaked

<img src="" />Looks like CNET Asia got a different press release from the one I got late last night. Theirs apparently had information

Another Late Night Canon Powershot Frenzy

God damn it, Canon. Seriously. Every time I try to relax with a cold glass of juice*, you have to release a gaggle of point and shoots. You know I’m not going to pay close attention! Why not rel

Is This The Upcoming Canon PowerShot G12?

Photokina, the gigantic camera tradeshow , is right around the corner and it’s nearly a tradition that Canon unveils the next G series Powershot at the event. CanonRumors just posted the image a

Is This The Canon 60D?

These spy shots appear to show the swivel-screen DSLR that’s been rumored for the past few months. We also hear that there’s a Canon event being scheduled internationally for August 26th,

A Few Likely Canon 60D Specs

<img src="" />Our usual source for unreleased (and possibly false) Canon info, Canon Rumors, has posted a few specs for the 60D that actuall
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