• TWS2009 Showcases Ten of Israel's Most Promising Startups

    This morning is the kickoff of TWS2009, an event organized by Israeli financial newspaper Globes, and leading Israeli startup blog, with its founder Yaron Orenstein. TechCrunch, in its continued support of Israeli startups, is proud to be a media partner. The event is aimed at showcasing ten promising Israeli startups and to serve as a networking platform for the individuals and… Read More

  • CamSpace Brings Wii-Like Interactivity To Flash Gaming

    CamSpace, the innovative technology that allows gamers to use their computer cameras to play Wii-like games, has added support for Flash, making its platform accessible to a much broader range of developers (prior to today CamSpace was restricted to traditional .exe games). To get started, users will still have to download the CamSpace client here, which includes a few dozen games and will… Read More

  • CamSpace: Wii without the Wii for Wiiless Wiinnabes

    This is interesting to say the least. Roi over at the ol’ mothership has a nice piece up about CamSpace, an online gaming community that’s set to throw its doors open to the public. The idea is to use webcams as gaming input devices, making for a Wii-like experience without the need for a $250 console. It appears to work, though I haven’t tried it myself. The idea… Read More

  • CamSpace Creates a Wii For Everyone (Minus the Nintendo Console)

    It’s a Wii without the $250 console. It’s virtual Pong and so much more. Any object is now an input device, even your fingers. Bang, bang! But there’s no better way to introduce you to CamSpace than by letting you watch the demo video below: CamTrax’s core technology is a pure software solution that allows nearly any ordinary PC webcam (95% are supported) to track up… Read More