• Getting predictive about politics (and everything else) Crunch Network

    Getting predictive about politics (and everything else)

    Nearly seven decades after the Chicago Tribune’s infamous presidential race headline, we’re still seeing incorrect predictions in political races. Take the 2016 Iowa caucus for example, where Ted Cruz triumphed despite expert predictions to the contrary. It’s enough to make you wonder: What data is used to create these predictions? And with today’s technology, why… Read More

  • Republicans Find Fun, New Way For You To Give Them

    Republicans Find Fun, New Way For You To Give Them

    Are you a The Republican party thinks that it is, and wants you to jam along with their message by buying a spiffy new domain name. For some reason and basically every other domain I tried is unavailable. But you could always buy for the price of $20.16. Read More

  • #StuffMicrosoftSays: “Don’t Get Scroogled,” Launches Holiday Bing Campaign

    #StuffMicrosoftSays: “Don’t Get Scroogled,” Launches Holiday Bing Campaign

    Microsoft just launched a full-on offensive campaign for holiday shoppers called “Scroogled.” Yes, it’s what you think it is, it’s an attempt to tell people not to get screwed over by Google this holiday shopping season. This is a Bing campaign, in case you weren’t sure. It’s pretty strong words, coming from any company. My thing? Don’t call… Read More

  • Google Launches YouTube Campaigns To Help Its 18K Nonprofit Partners Promote Their Goals

    Google Launches YouTube Campaigns To Help Its 18K Nonprofit Partners Promote Their Goals

    Over the years, YouTube has grown into way more than a place to upload cat videos. In a way, it’s become a new breed of “television” that lets people interact with the things they care about. This could be music or even nonprofits. Some really amazing video campaigns for nonprofits have been hosted on YouTube, and today a really amazing feature has been released to… Read More

  • Photo report: Darth Vader promotes DoCoMo cell phones in weird campaign

    NTT DoComo, Japan’s largest cell phone carrier (55 million customers), is currently running a pretty bizarre viral promotion campaign in this country (both on- and offline). The company has set up a weird website [JP] that, for some strange reason, shows Darth Vader running around Tokyo and asking who’s his boss (“Who is my boss” is the official tag line of the campaign). Read More

  • Buy Panasonic: Panasonic forces 10,000 managers to buy their own electronics

    Officials of Panasonic told Japanese media today the company has directed about 10,000 managerial-level employees to buy a certain number of Panasonic products by July 2009. The ‘‘Buy Panasonic’’ campaign is an answer to shrinking sales worldwide that have eroded Panasonic’s profits significantly in past months. Read More

  • New iPhone App Will Make You A More-Informed Voter

    With the Presidential election right around the corner, a new iPhone app called Campaign from Gorloch Interactive tries to provide you with all the dirt on both candidates to make you a “more-informed” voter. The app is separated into three basic categories: news, polls, and candidates. Campaign collects the latest news from the campaign trail and claims it’s up-to-date… Read More

  • HTC begins marketing campaign in North America

    We typically don’t see HTC doing a whole lot of huffing and puffing about their products here in the US, but the Taiwanese-based mobile device manufacturer has decided to take matters into their own hands rather than letting carriers do their weak sauce marketing for them. Using their flagship Touch as the main focus of their inaugural campaign it’s hard to not notice the… Read More