• As Gecko Scurries Away, Camino Looks To WebKit To Save Itself

    Long ago, before Chrome existed for OS X (so, 2009) my browser of choice was Camino. You’ll be forgiven if you’ve never heard of it, it’s an open-source project that zero people work on full-time. And it’s only available on the Mac. In fact, if you have heard of it, it may be as the other browser Mozilla makes. And its future is now at a crossroads. As the team lays out… Read More

  • Firefox On The iPhone? No (Though It Is Being Worked On). Another Mozilla Browser? Maybe.

    Continuing today’s theme of scouring Quora for interesting nuggets of information, a Q&A about Mozilla’s Firefox Mobile browser is of some interest. In response to the question: Will Firefox Mobile ever be released for iOS devices?, Mobile Firefox developer, Matt Brubeck, this morning gave his answer. First, he gave the obvious and fairly well-known official answer… Read More

  • The Problem With Opera: It Tries To Scream When It Just Needs To Sing

    The Problem With Opera: It Tries To Scream When It Just Needs To Sing

    Opera has always been a bit of a curiosity to me. Nearly everyone seems to tout its speed and adherence to web standards — and yet, no one seems to use it. Well, at least not in the United States anyway, and really not that many people worldwide either. Why is that? Today, Opera announced a new version (10.52) available for OS X. The promise is that it’s ten times faster than the… Read More

  • Mozilla's Road To Camino 2.0 For Mac Users Is Complete

    Regular readers will know that my browser of choice has long been Camino. It’s that other browser built under the brand of Firefox-makers Mozilla, that runs on the Mac platform and is entirely open-source and volunteer-built. I love it because it’s much lighter and faster than Firefox is, while being extremely compatible with just about all sites on the web. And today, version 2.0… Read More

  • Mac Browser Camino 2 Gets A Release Candidate

    When it was revealed that Mike Pinkerton, the lead developer for the Mozilla’s Mac-based Camino web browser was moving over to Google to take charge of building Chrome for Mac, there was some concern that Camino would be neglected. Pinkerton assured development on Camino would continue, and sure enough it has. Today brings the first release candidate for Camino 2, the new version of… Read More

  • While We Wait For Chrome For Mac, Mozilla's Camino Gets An Update

    While Mac users grow impatient for Google’s Chrome browser to come to the platform, there’s a small bit of good news today: A new beta version of the excellent Camino browser. Camino is a browser built by Mozilla specifically for the Mac. Unlike the much more popular Firefox, Camino is extremely lean and fast. It’s so fast that it’s been my browser of choice for the… Read More