• Review: Olympus E-PL2 Micro 4/3s Camera

    Short Version To be sure, Olympus’ micro 4/3s cameras, the E-PL1 and the E-PL2, are changing the way we think about removable lens cameras. However, I worry that high price coupled with potentially limiting features will cause some shooters to shy away from this line. While that may be the case, I encourage anyone thinking about a point and shoot or ultrazoom camera to look into these… Read More

  • An Exhausting, Continuous Review Of The Leica M9

    Our own review of the M9 pales in comparison to thislabor of love by Thorsten Overgaard who has been shooting with the storied digital since 2009 and continuously updates his post with commentary, pictures, and advice. Not only is he a great, quirky photographer he writes passionately about the places he visits and, most important, the camera itself. Read More

  • Videos: This Camera Shoots Color Video Even In Darkness

    Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has developed a security camera that shoots video in color even in pitch-black conditions. The so-called Color Night Vision Camera [JP], produced by AIST spin-off company Nanolux [JP], uses infrared to reproduce the red, blue, and green colors of objects. Read More

  • Olympus Releases Some Point And Shoots

    Olympus, who normally makes our favoritest portable camera in the world, the E-PL1, just announced three standard point and shoots into the world. The SZ-30MR and SZ-20 are your bog-standard shooters while the Tough TG-810 is apparently “crushproof,” which is great if you work at Fred Flintstone’s quarry and tend to leave your camera near the brontosaurus that lifts the… Read More

  • Sony Apparently Stops Producing The NEX-3 Camera

    Where did this come from? Sony Japan updated the websites of the NEX-3A, NEX-3K and NEX-3D earlier today, stating that all three models of the camera won’t be produced anymore (the “buy now online” buttons were also removed from the product descriptions). Read More

  • MAME-CAM: Thanko's Cute Micro Camera

    Sometimes, just sometimes, Tokyo-based USB accessory maker Thanko announces gadgets that are not completely silly. Case in point: the so-called MAME-CAM that Thanko started listing [JP] today, a micro camera that looks cute, is fully functional and weighs just 11g. Read More

  • Scaloupe: USB Camera To Check Your Scalp, Post Info On Twitter (Video)

    If you’re constantly worried about the condition of your hair and/or scalp, this gadget from Japan might help you: the so-called Scaloupe [JP] is a USB 2.0 camera that makes it possible to check your scalp and also shoot close-up pictures of it. Read More

  • GoPro's New LCD BacPac Let's You See What You're Shooting

    Here at the CrunchGear offices, we have a few GoPro HD Hero cameras that we use for an assortment of footage, including our auto coverage. These are great cameras for getting video in places you wouldn’t want to put an expensive, more fragile, camera. But, the biggest problem with the HD Hero has been its lack of a viewfinder. Sometimes, when the camera is pointed too high, like towards… Read More

  • Photographers: You're Now Officially Free To Shoot In Public Places And Outside Federal Buildings

    It’s a often-heard story: a photographer is shooting in a public place and security shoos them away, or worse, takes them into custody. Thanks to a recent settlement with the NYCLU, however, all federal personnel should be aware and adhere to a clarified set of rules and, in the end, allow photogs to shoot away. The Information Bulletin, after the jump, state clear that almost all… Read More

  • Panasonic To Make, Sell More Cameras

    Panasonic, makers of cameras, will sell these new cameras. These cameras include the FX78 with 5x optical zoom and “smart touch screen” and the ZS10 with 16x optical zoom. They will attempt to distribute these cameras for as long as they’re salable and then make new ones. Eventually they will end up on Then they will poison a landfill. Read More

  • CHOBICAM1: Super-Tiny Camcorder Weighs 12g

    Tokyo-based accessory maker Japan Trust Technology (JTT) is known for its CHOBI CAM series of ultra-small cameras. Today JTT announced [JP] a new model, the so-called CHOBICAM1. It’s being marketed as a toy movie camera, and as you can see on the pictures, it looks like a DSLR in micro format. Read More

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