Camera Bags

  • Get You Some New Tiny Camera Bags From Acme Made

    It’s easy to confuse a camera bag with a man-purse. Not that murses are a bad thing — but not all of us can pull them off, so we must be wary in our camera bag choices. I’m sorry to say I wouldn’t be able to rock these Acme Made bags, though they do look very nice. I can’t really do the euro look. Read More

  • Tenba Announces New Vector Collection Of Camera Bags

    We’ve always had a soft spot for Tenba camera bags — they are pretty versatile and tough — and now there are new ones. Today, they announce their new Vector Collection of camera bags that come in four different colors. The Vector Collection is positioned at the consumer/prosumer level for camera bags and there are a variety of sizes, shapes and features to fit what ever… Read More

  • Lowepro updates SlingShot line, adds tripod mount

    Lowepro just updated their popular SlingShot line, adding more storage and the ability to attach a tripod to an already great bag system. The new version isn’t hugely different, but Lowepro did add a few interesting features to beef the bag up a bit. Read More

  • The new camera bags from M-ROCK might actually rock

    M-ROCK is updating its camera bag lineup with pro level bags and a Batman Utility Belt-like modular system. Read More

  • Tread: bags and cases made from recycled tires

    Tire rubber certainly is a “supermaterial.” Although I feel it’s more suited to resisting wear and providing grip to F1 cars, it’s also tough, waterproof, and flexible when correctly manipulated. Tread has a lot of faith in the stuff, and has been repurposing South American waste tires to make all sorts of laptop bags, camera cases, and cell phone pouches. The prices… Read More

  • Sweet camera case looks like a bowling ball bag

    I can tell you right now, if Seattle hears of this, it’s the only bag anyone will ever have. What with DSLRs on the uptick and irony being what it is here, I have a feeling that the Cha Cha Lounge and Linda’s will soon be packed with apparent bowlers, trying to find an inconspicuous way to look conspicuous. Or vice versa, I don’t know. I’m surprised I haven’t… Read More

  • Lowepro releases new camera bags for your carrying pleasure

    I could have used one of these when I was traveling, although at the time I owned only one lens and no flash, so I suppose my laptop bag was just as good. The Inverse AW beltpack, left, and the Nova AW shoulder bag at right are both weather-sealed and provided with all the little pockets, padded compartments, and accessibility options that a pro photographer could need. I’m not sure… Read More

  • Naneu Pro u120 Bag Hands-On

    When looking for a gear bag, you will find that there are a multitude of features to distinguish one bag from the next. It seems that every manufacturer has created some clever little gimmick to help set their bags apart and to drive sales. There are two features, however, that are absolutely imperative to all bags: its economy of space and its efficiency of padding. Often times it seems as if… Read More