• Panasonic's New 3D Camcorder Gets Handled, Judged

    We’ve been looking forward to Panasonic’s consumer 3D camcorder since we first saw their pro one at CES. When it was revealed last week, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. It’s not a new camcorder at all, just a conversion lens that severely limits exposure and manual controls. The 60FPS split-resolution recording methods threw me as well. But I haven’t handled it… Read More

  • HDC-TM650: Panasonic Announces Another (Japan-Only) 3D Camcorder

    Panasonic caused a splash in the blogosphere yesterday when it announced the world’s first consumer 3D camera, the HDC-SDT750, for the American market (release in October). The device was announced [JP] today in Japan as well, but Panasonic made some changes. And it showed another model, too, the HDC-TM650 (pictured), which hasn’t been announced for other markets thus far. Read More

  • Panasonic Has Two New Camcorders: Small And Extra Small

    I recently reviewed the Toshiba Camileo H30, a functional camcorder with a traditional body style, and concluded that these would continue to sell for a few more years just on the strength of being familiar objects. The Flip-style camcorder is gaining popularity (as well as embedded imagers in phones and such), and the flip-out LCD home camcorder’s days are numbered. Panasonic is… Read More

  • Rumor: Panasonic to release consumer 3D camcorder next week

    Some unnamed sources have revealed that Panasonic will be unveiling a new 3D camcorder next week — one intended for consumers, unlike its semi-pro AG-3DA1, which we saw at CES. We’ve seen other 3D cameras out there but not a lot of excitement yet, likely because the means to view the content are still expensive and inconvenient. Read More

  • The CHOBI CAM is one ultra-small video camera

    Tokyo-based Japan Trust Technology (JTT) today announced the CHOBI CAM G200 [JP], a video camera whose main selling point is that’s very, very compact (47×17×47mm) and light (34g). Read More

  • Sony's new NEX-VG10 Exmor camcorder looks great… but who's it for?

    We saw the new NEX camcorder teased about a month ago, and thought it looked pretty sweet. But it’s Sony, we thought. They might still mess this one up. And as it turns out… well, not really. It’s looking like a pretty solid camera system. The only trouble is the price. Update: AND the fact that it only shoots in 60i. What you’ve got here is an interchangeable-lens… Read More

  • This new JVC "crystal" camcorder is for women only

    It’s not the first “women-only” camcorder out there, but JVC’s Everio GZ-HM350 (announced [JP] today) has surely the best specs. It’s not based on an existing model but rather one of three new full HD camcorders JVC announced today (the black and silver models have the same specs as this special version). Read More

  • Review: Toshiba H30 compact HD camcorder

    Short version: The H30 represents the final and most refined form of the traditional family camcorder. But with HD cameras appearing on every device, is a traditional camcorder something you need? Read More

  • Hello Kitty camcorder

    Japanese camera maker Exemode announced [JP] the Hello Kitty DV520KT today, a simple 5MP CMOS camcorder that only has one thing going for it: it features mega-popular cartoon cat Hello Kitty saying “Hi” on the hardware. That’s what it probably makes perfect for young girls though. Read More

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