This Little Dock Reinvents GoPro Mounts

The beauty of GoPro cameras come from their versatility. They can be mounted nearly anywhere in countless positions. But that often takes time. This little device solves that problem. Meet Slopes. The

GoPro Sued Over Hero4 Session Design

The GoPro Hero4 Session looks like the Polaroid Cube. It’s hard to deny otherwise. In the world of action cameras, these two cameras look like twins separated at birth where one was raised by a

GoPro Publishes Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Drone After Reporting Disappointing Earnings

GoPro is working on a drone that’s scheduled for release in early 2016. The company just posted a sneak peak of footage captured from the new drone. Spoiler: It’s silky smooth. This footag

GoPro’s 16-Camera Rig Is Called Odyssey And Costs $15,000

Remember the massive GoPro camera array¬†unveiled during Google I/O? Well, it’s now available. Kind of. Called Odyssey, professional content creators can apply to purchase the camera array with

Contour Adds Low-Cost Roam Camera To Its Helmet-Cam Lineup

The Contour family of cameras, which competes with GoPro and other small, hardened imaging devices, has a new member. The <a href="">Roam</a> rounds out the ran

Rugged Pocket Cam Round-Up: Toshiba BW10, Samsung W200, Kodak Easyshare Sport And Playsport

Summer is here, and there's a good chance some of you are thinking of picking up something to document your vacations with. iPhones and point-and-shoots are all well and good, but if you want to take

Toshiba Brings The B10 And P100 To The US

<img src="" />Looking for a low-cost camcorder? Toshiba called, they want your money. In return, they'll give you one of these two

Panasonic Rolls Out 3 New "Xacti" Camcorders

<img src="" /> They have dropped the <a href="">Xacti</a> brand name, but the three new camc

Contour Launches Contour+ Sportcam With Wider Lens, More Ports

You might remember the ContourHD rugged wearable camera we reviewed a while back — they updated later with GPS functionality and now (as we heard earlier) have a new camera live on their site th

Olympus LS-20M: A Pocket Cam With A Focus On Audio

<img src="" />We recently reviewed the <a href="">Zoom Q3H

Toshiba Joins The Waterproof Camcorder Party With The Camileo BW10

<img src="" />Earlier today we saw Samsung's <a href="

Samsung's W200 Takes On Kodak's Playsport In Waterproof Camcorder Showdown

<img src="" />Samsung has announced the W200, a vacation-proof 1080p camcorder that boasts a bigger LCD and faster lens than its na

New Contour "Plus" Helmet Cam Spied At Bike Race

You guys may already be familiar with the ContourHD rugged sport-cam we reviewed and its GPS-enabled successor. It looks like the family may be getting a little bigger over the next few months: BikeRu

MAME-CAM DX: Thanko's Micro HD Camera Weighs Just 14g

<img src="" /> Japan's most famous maker of silly gadgets, Tokyo-based <a href="">Thank

GoPro's New LCD BacPac Let's You See What You're Shooting

<img src="" />Here at the CrunchGear offices, we have a few GoPro HD Hero cameras that we use for a

Wi-Fi Flip Camera Hits FCC, Launches In May?

<img src="" />We've heard for a while now that Cisco plans to put out a Flip camera with wi-fi built in, but so far the rumors hav

Review: Zoom Q3HD Camcorder

Short version: A versatile and useful pocket cam for people who value the audio portion of their video, but its high price may make those on the fence opt for a cheaper, more rugged model.

3D, Built-In Projectors, New Bloggies: Sony's Next 4 Camcorders (Video Gallery)

<img src="" /> Sony has been blowing out quite a few camcorders lately (during the <a href="">C

JVC Announces Three New Everio Camcorders

<img src="" /> JVC <a href="">announced</a> [JP] three new Everio camcorders yesterd

Sony Announces HandyCam NXCAM, An E-Mount Super-35 Sensor Camcorder

<img src="" />Sony will be showing off a new Handycam tomorrow, the NXCAM. It's a "for professional" camera that uses E-mount lenses (we've s
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