GoPro Publishes Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Drone After Reporting Disappointing Earnings

GoPro is working on a drone that’s scheduled for release in early 2016. The company just posted a sneak peak of footage captured from the new drone. Spoiler: It’s silky smooth. This footag

GoPro’s 16-Camera Rig Is Called Odyssey And Costs $15,000

Remember the massive GoPro camera array¬†unveiled during Google I/O? Well, it’s now available. Kind of. Called Odyssey, professional content creators can apply to purchase the camera array with

Contour Adds Low-Cost Roam Camera To Its Helmet-Cam Lineup

The Contour family of cameras, which competes with GoPro and other small, hardened imaging devices, has a new member. The <a href="">Roam</a> rounds out the ran

Rugged Pocket Cam Round-Up: Toshiba BW10, Samsung W200, Kodak Easyshare Sport And Playsport

Summer is here, and there's a good chance some of you are thinking of picking up something to document your vacations with. iPhones and point-and-shoots are all well and good, but if you want to take

Toshiba Brings The B10 And P100 To The US

<img src="" />Looking for a low-cost camcorder? Toshiba called, they want your money. In return, they'll give you one of these two

Panasonic Rolls Out 3 New "Xacti" Camcorders

<img src="" /> They have dropped the <a href="">Xacti</a> brand name, but the three new camc

Contour Launches Contour+ Sportcam With Wider Lens, More Ports

You might remember the ContourHD rugged wearable camera we reviewed a while back — they updated later with GPS functionality and now (as we heard earlier) have a new camera live on their site th

Olympus LS-20M: A Pocket Cam With A Focus On Audio

<img src="" />We recently reviewed the <a href="">Zoom Q3H

Toshiba Joins The Waterproof Camcorder Party With The Camileo BW10

<img src="" />Earlier today we saw Samsung's <a href="

Samsung's W200 Takes On Kodak's Playsport In Waterproof Camcorder Showdown

<img src="" />Samsung has announced the W200, a vacation-proof 1080p camcorder that boasts a bigger LCD and faster lens than its na

New Contour "Plus" Helmet Cam Spied At Bike Race

You guys may already be familiar with the ContourHD rugged sport-cam we reviewed and its GPS-enabled successor. It looks like the family may be getting a little bigger over the next few months: BikeRu

MAME-CAM DX: Thanko's Micro HD Camera Weighs Just 14g

<img src="" /> Japan's most famous maker of silly gadgets, Tokyo-based <a href="">Thank

GoPro's New LCD BacPac Let's You See What You're Shooting

<img src="" />Here at the CrunchGear offices, we have a few GoPro HD Hero cameras that we use for a

Wi-Fi Flip Camera Hits FCC, Launches In May?

<img src="" />We've heard for a while now that Cisco plans to put out a Flip camera with wi-fi built in, but so far the rumors hav

Review: Zoom Q3HD Camcorder

Short version: A versatile and useful pocket cam for people who value the audio portion of their video, but its high price may make those on the fence opt for a cheaper, more rugged model.

3D, Built-In Projectors, New Bloggies: Sony's Next 4 Camcorders (Video Gallery)

<img src="" /> Sony has been blowing out quite a few camcorders lately (during the <a href="">C

JVC Announces Three New Everio Camcorders

<img src="" /> JVC <a href="">announced</a> [JP] three new Everio camcorders yesterd

Sony Announces HandyCam NXCAM, An E-Mount Super-35 Sensor Camcorder

<img src="" />Sony will be showing off a new Handycam tomorrow, the NXCAM. It's a "for professional" camera that uses E-mount lenses (we've s

EXEMODE 3DV-5WF: The World Gets Another Cheap 3D Camcorder

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based camera maker <a href="">Exemode</a> yesterday announced the <a

Viewsonic Releases Rebranded 3M Camcorder-Projector, 3D Camcorder

<img src="" />Just what do these guys think they're trying to pull? I recognized that doodad the second I saw the picture of it. After a
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