Review: JVC Everio GZ-MG330

<img src=""><strong>Pros:</strong> Small size. Sturdy. Zoom. Records to 30 GB hard drive. Affordable. <strong>Cons:</stron

CrunchDeals: Second generation Flip camcorder for $80

<img src="" alt="" />With Valentine's Day approaching and the economy being the way it is, it doesn't hurt to save where and when you

Sanyo announces first round of refreshes to the Xacti camcorder line [Update]

<img src="" alt="" />Sanyo’s compact line of Xacti Dual camcorders was refreshed this morning with five new models. The high-en

The Sony Webbie – a colorfully HD shooter

<img src=""> Sony has a little camcorder aimed at the Internet crowd. The Webbie captures HD MPEG-4 video and 5 MP photos. It has a 5x o

Sony updates its camcorder lineup

<img src=""> CES brings big changes to Sony's camcorder offerings. High-def camcorders are getting big HDDs and there are a bunch to

Samsung dumps four new digital cameras

<img src="" alt="" /> Samsung just dropped four new digital cameras: HZ10W, TL100, SL102 and SL420.

Sanyo unveils full HD surveillance system based on Xacti technology

<img class="size-full wp-image-61480 alignnone" title="sanyo_full_hd_surveillance" src="" alt="sanyo_full_hd_surveill

Review: Hitachi DZ-BD10HA Blu-Ray camcorder

Short Version: A versatile HD camcorder that’s perfect for home videos, but not so much for budding video professionals.

HDW-650: Sony Japan sells new HD camcorder for professionals

Sony’s HDW-790, a camcorder for professional use (list price: $60,000), gets an update, at least in Japan [JP]. Yesterday, the company started selling the HDW-650 in this country, for a list pri

Sony Japan presents stand-alone DVD writer/recorder for Handycam owners

Sony Japan today unveiled a new DVD writer [JP] for the living room, which makes it possible to record and view video from camcorders on 12cm DVDs without using a PC. The VDR-MC10 will hit Japanese st

Review: Kodak Zi6 Camcorder

The biggest buzz in camcorders over the last year and a half hasn’t been from any of the big manufacturers — Sony, Panasonic, JVC or Canon, et. al. Instead, it’s a little product fro

Hitachi rolls out new hybrid Full HD camcorder

Today Hitachi unveiled [JP] its newest Full HD camcorder, the Woo DZ-BD10H, which will be available in Japan from August 9th. The company plans to produce 6,000 units per month. Here are the main spec

Kodak releasing tiny super-easy Zi6 HD camcorder

The field of tiny camcorders is going to blow up. Things like the Flip Mino are going to take over whether we like it or not (we don’t), because they’re so dang convenient. No bells, no wh

Samsung announces YouTube friendly SC-MX20

Announced this morning is the next incarnation of the MX10. Say hello to the SC-MX20, Samsung’s latest little vixen of a camcorder. The MX20 features an optimized recording mode for YouTube, a Schne

Panasonic introduces 2 new HD camcorders

Yesterday Panasonic Japan unveiled [JP] 2 new HD camcorders to be released in this country on July 12th. The HDC-SD100 and the HDC-HS100 are the world’s first AVCHD camcorders with a 3MOS system

JVC Everio GZ-MS100 uploads straight to YouTube

The new GZ-MS100 is a 35x optical zoom camcorder with built-in software to limit and convert 10 minute videos for easy upload to YouTube. Sadly, this new Everio doesn’t have a Wi-Fi feature, whi

Creative goes official with Flip clone, Vado

Here’s the Vado from Creative. It’s basically a clone of the Flip but it looks less chintzy. Creative even goes as far as saying that the Vado is “dramatically thinner and lighter than competing

1080p in 10 ounces with Sony's HDR-TG1

Actual camcorder not transparent. It’s the world’s smallest 1080p camcorder, says Sony, and it actually looks pretty capable unlike some other super-compact HD camcorders I’ve seen.

Review: Samsung SC-HMX10C camcorder

The last time I used or even owned a camcorder was back in the mid-90s. They were always too big and transferring video was only something a pro did unless you were just copying to a VHS tape. It wasn

JVC Everio G Series Camcorders

Product Name: JVC Everio G Series Camcorder Description: The new Everio camcorders will come in blue, red, silver, and black and include 30- or 60GB hard drives. It has a 7-megapixel CCD and includes
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