CityConnect shows you how climate change will impact your own home

We've all seen the maps that show Florida being consumed by rising sea levels. But many of us still underestimate the impact of climate change because we can't visualize its effects. At the TechCrunch

Cambridge is giving cancer the 3D VR treatment

It's always good to hear that scientists are bringing the latest technology to the fight against cancer, but virtual reality doesn't seem like an obvious addition to the arsenal. Yet it's VR and 3D vi

Crunch Report | Sprint Takes 33% Stake in Tidal

Sprint takes a 33% stake in Tidal, The SEC is investigating Yahoo, a study from Cambridge on vaccinating fake news, Apple fixes more MacBook Pro bugs and a big Snapchat redesign hits iOS. All this on

Securing A Huge Growth Round

Pitching VCs is a serious challenge at any stage, but asking for a $30-60 million check is usually the sale of a founder’s life. Convincing an investor to accept a valuation that most normal people

FAA Grants Amazon Permission To Test Drone Deliveries

The FAA <a target="_blank" href="">just released a statement</a> indicated that Amazon now has limited permission to test and develop drones

Amazon Is Expanding Its R&D In Cambridge, U.K., With A Focus On Prime Air Drones And Speech Tech

Amazon is expanding its R&D operations in Cambridge, U.K., with a plan to staff out a large research lab -- expanding on the foothold it acquired when it bought Cambridge-based speech tech startup

Cambridge Audio’s Minx Air 200 Earns The Crown For Best Home AirPlay Speaker

If you're a high-end audio fan, you've probably heard of Cambridge Audio, the London-based firm that makes some of the best equipment in the business. The brand is currently undergoing some changes th

Facebook Is Looking For Office Space In Cambridge, Close To Its Harvard Roots

According to a report by Boston Business Journal, Facebook appears to be looking for office space in Cambridge, Massachusetts -- home to Harvard and the dorm room where Mark Zuckerberg started the soc

Cambridge shows off its startups

<img src="" class="shot2" /><em><strong>Guest post by Gabriel Ortiz of <a href="">[The Startup Digest]</a> L

The original iPad: The Cambridge Z88

Retrothing has a paen to the Cambridge Z88, a clever little device made in 1987 that ran for 20 hours on four AA batteries. I honestly don’t know of a single device I own that can run that long.

New LED light bulb: Inexpensive, long lasting & environmentally friendly

<img src="" />Thomas Edison patented the “long lasting filament” in 1880. In 2009, it's fashionable to pretend to care about th

Cambridge Geniuses Invent Practical Digital Scroll

In a few years, your PDA might be the size of a typical soda straw. That’s apparently the idea behind this nifty working roll-up LCD that some smartypants at Cambridge have come up with. At less