• The original iPad: The Cambridge Z88

    Retrothing has a paen to the Cambridge Z88, a clever little device made in 1987 that ran for 20 hours on four AA batteries. I honestly don’t know of a single device I own that can run that long. Besides a word processor you also had a version of BASIC built-in and a nice little LCD screen with big keyboard. Sure the 640×64 resolution is a little rough, but what more do you want? If… Read More

  • New LED light bulb: Inexpensive, long lasting & environmentally friendly

    Thomas Edison patented the “long lasting filament” in 1880. In 2009, it’s fashionable to pretend to care about the environment. Are these two facts unrelated? Not really, no, because researchers at Cambridge University have developed a light bulb that uses light emitting diodes. These LED-based light bulbs not only, you know, brighten your day, but they’re also… Read More

  • Cambridge Geniuses Invent Practical Digital Scroll

    In a few years, your PDA might be the size of a typical soda straw. That’s apparently the idea behind this nifty working roll-up LCD that some smartypants at Cambridge have come up with. At less than 1mm thick, and flexible, it rolls up to about the same diameter as the cardboard from a roll of paper towels. It’s still an early prototype, and is currently only capable of… Read More