• CallWave Delists From NASDAQ; Fuze Meeting Rises From The Ashes

    It’s not easy to launch a successful WebEx competitor. Most businesses have long since established their “system” for dealing with web meetings, using old standbys like WebEx or GoToMeeting. And those businesses that are willing to venture into the unknown have had plenty of cheaper alternatives to choose from, like DimDim, for quite a while. But that isn’t… Read More

  • GotVoice Adds Talking Bears and Speech-To-Text Transcription

    GotVoice is a great voicemail utility that has so far focused on delivering visual voicemail (phone/web), custom voicemail greetings, and broadcasting voice messages (like Pinger). Through some clever coding, GotVoice links directly into your voicemail to pull messages into the system and send messages back out through it. However, the product has been lacking one of the killer voicemail… Read More

  • CallWave Mobile Widget: My New Best Friend

    I dislike listening to my voice-mail almost as much as I dislike answering my cell phone in the first place. CallWave Mobile allows me to monitor my messages via e-mail, and now thanks to a Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard, I don’t even have to check my e-mail to see who’s called. CallWave Mobile is a free “visual voice-mail” service letting you see, sort, listen and… Read More