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Looks like Call of Duty 4 will be on the Nintendo Wii this year

<img src="" />Help me parse the following sentence: “The record-setting and award-winning <i>Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare</i> is com

Best Buy handles blank disks in "Call of Duty 4" with grace, gift cards

If you pick up the much touted Call of Duty 4, you might want to open it as soon as you buy it. No, not that you’ll get much use of it in the store, but because there are scattered reports of so

Call Of Duty 4 Runs At 60FPS On PS3

Never mess with a game’s devteam. The dorks on the Call of Duty 4 message boards kept blabbing nonsensically about how the game would run at 30FPS with no anti-aliasing and would suck, etc. Now

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Keeps It Real

For the past 9,837,438,643 Call of Duty games, the setting and time-period has always been World War II. The latest installment from the popular franchise will now set players in a modern day warzone.