• Citizen Signature Perpetual Calendar Watch

    For 2011 Citizen’s major new piece is perfect for the American market. If you want to check out their other cool stuff you’ll need to take a little trip over the Japan (which would be nice… go support them). Part of their newer Signature collection, this is the simply named Citizen Signature Perpetual Calendar, and Citizen Signature Perpetual Calendar Chronograph. Two… Read More

  • Offline Google Calendar Is The Ugly Stepsister of Offline Gmail

    After announcing the offline feature for Gmail last week, Google allowed another feature to be viewed offline: Google Calendar. Unfortunately, the masses will have to wait for access. The offline access, which was built using Google Gears, is currently only available to users of business software package, Google Apps. While the offline feature for calendars offers read-only access for… Read More

  • Google releases Sync for BlackBerries, life is almost complete

    I’ve found the transition from Sidekick to BlackBerry to be an enjoyable and easy task. RIM devices are just so much better. The Sidekick is still a great device and will have a special place in my heart since it did convert me to QWERTY, but I’ve outgrown it and RIM devices have more features, a better OS, third party software support and better hardware. It does everything I need… Read More

  • AppleTV getting calendar/contact sync (??)

    Some of the folks at AppleTVSource found some strings pertaining to calendar and contacts syncing for the Apple TV which sounds fairly far-fetched. Maybe you can add your calendar entries on the TV? The Apple TV will inform you when you’re late? Who knows. Rumor and innuendo, friends. Contacts and Calendar syncing coming to the Apple TV? [AppleTVSource] Read More

  • iPod Touch update lets you add calendar events

    I’m like Kramer. I keep all my appointments [pointing at brain] right up here. If I did keep a calendar of some type, maybe I could use the one on my iPod Touch. Good to know that, thanks to the new 1.1.2 firmware update, I can now add events to the aforementioned calendar instead of just staring at events that were added from my computer. I’ve tried it in real life on a… Read More

  • Ditch iCal, Make Your Office Wall Into A Calendar

    Who needs software and gadgets in their office? Certainly not you! You can get rid of iCal and hit up The Home Depot for some chalkboard paint. Looks like Martha Stewart knows how to multitask like a pro; her DIY Wall Calendar made of chalkboard paint is the perfect way to make your office unique while keeping it functional at the same time. Martha’s guide shows you how to create a… Read More