• Gossamer Web Browser Runs On Your Graphing Calculator

    Gossamer Web Browser Runs On Your Graphing Calculator

    I had a friend who once amazed me by writing a basketball game for the TI-81 graphing calculator. This, however, is an order of magnitude more impressive. Gossamer is a web browser for the TI-83+ through TI-84+SE calculators and, through the use of a number of fairly interesting network protocol APIs, it lets you see the text of almost any website right on the calculators tiny, pixelated screen. Read More

  • Some Things Never Change: TI vs. Calculator Hobbyists Version 3.0.2

    The battle between Texas Instruments and calculator hobbyists rages on, as TI seeks to keep its OS locked away from third-party developers. After the calculator hacking community discovered the independent tool Ndless (which allows for third-party development on TI’s platform), TI has spent the last year updating its OS to prevent downgrading to version 1.1, which is necessary to run Ndless. Read More

  • Kokuyo X-VIZ: Designer Calculator From Japan

    For some reason, “designer calculators” (of all devices) are a dime a dozen, but this model announced [JP] by Japanese stationery maker Kokuyo is a bit different. First, the calculator (dubbed X-VIZ) is designed to be used with one hand only, and second, it’s the brain child of famed robot designer Tatsuya Matsui. Read More

  • COOL LEAF: Mirror-like, button-less, flat input devices

    A Japanese company called Minebea has announced [press release in English] a series of input devices, namely a keyboard, remote control and calculator, that have three things in common: They are stylish (with a mirror look), offer no physical buttons and are really flat. Based on a “next generation” input system Minebea has dubbed COOL LEAF, the designers did away with all key tops. Read More

  • Students, putting games on your TI-84 calculator is pretty easy

    This is an oldie but a goodie—just like CBS FM in New York—especially as school starts pretty soon for kids in the northeast. It’s step-by-step instructions on how to install games onto your TI-84 or TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculator. The games aren’t too complicated, but they’ll help you get through physics or calculus class with some degree of sanity. Read More

  • Make your own scientific calculator watch

    It’s been a long time coming, but someone’s finally resurrected the scientific calculator wristwatch. Billed as “the ultimate nerd status symbol,” the µWatch is made of off-the-shelf parts and contains 18 keys and a 16×2 line LCD screen. Apparently the scientific calculator watch phenomenon has been dormant for about 20 years, as the Casio CFX-400 was the last of… Read More

  • The Dawn of Nerd: HP Looks Back at the Calculator, Gets Pantsed

    Ask any accountant or rocket scientist — HP makes some of the best calculators on the block. TI might have the graphing market sewn up — I had a weird friend who made a basketball game on his TI-81 (you typed in the angle of the shot and hit or missed the basket. Dude was a genius) — but when it comes to spelling 5318008 or rocking amortization rates, you come strapped with HP… Read More

  • TI Navigator Adds Wireless Connectivity To Calculators

    I’ll admit, when I first saw the TI Navigator, I couldn’t help but think why someone would need wireless connectivity on a calculator. According to Texas Instruments, the TI Navigator is more of a device for the classroom than the individual student. It allows the teacher or professor to view the student’s calculator in real-time so they can see where people are getting stuck… Read More

  • Excalibur Delivers Line of “Joke Man” Products: Inner Clown Dies

    Humor is subjective. One man’s comic genius is another man’s lame a-hole. But even the most hardcore fan of Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling might be hard pressed to find the laughter in the new line of products from Excalibur Electronic. These talking devices are the sorts of thing only a product whore like Krusty the Klown might produce. We’re talking items… Read More