The Turing Tumble lets you and your kids build real mechanical computers

When the lights go out and the entire world is thrust into the technological nether, we’ll need board games like Turing Tumble. Created programmer Paul Boswell – he’s well known for

Omni Calculator brings math to the masses

There are some men who want to watch the the world burn and others who want to offer it easily customizable embedded calculators. Mateusz Mucha belongs to the latter camp. Mucha is a sociologist by tr

Google Gets Scientific, Adds A Voice-Enabled 34-Button Calculator To Desktop And Mobile Search

Oh Google. Sometimes you're so awesome. Google search has long featured a built-in calculator function but a recent update added a fully functional 34-button scientific calculator. Previously, whe

Oris Big Crown X1 Calculator Watch

<img src="">Usually Oris "Big Crown" watches are rather retro. This one isn't as retro visually and feels like something a helicopter p

Time is Money: a review of the Meeting Cost Calculator and Clock

<img src="" alt="" title="meeting-cost-calculator-clock" width="422" height="321" class="aligncenter size-full wp-

Lawyer bait: OS Calculators

<img src="" />Electronics design studio Mintpass is treading a fine line. They've come up with a pretty cool concept, bit it'll probabl

Foldable 3-in-1 mouse from Canon

Canon will start selling a new device [JP] that triples as a computer mouse, a calculator, and a numeric key pad starting late July. The LT-100TKM will be available in black or white for $32. When fol

100-year-old Adix calculator: elegant, beautiful, and practical

Apologies to our friend from the Seattle meetup who hates steampunk; this was too great to pass up (and not strictly steampunk). This wonderful little machine was state-of-the-art in 1903, when it was