Cake raises $5 million for a swipeable mobile browser

A startup called Cake has an ambitious plan to take on incumbents like Chrome and Safari to build a better browser for mobile devices. The company announced this morning it has raised $5 million for t

Oprah’s Favorite Things Is Here And Now It’s All In One Place On Amazon

Oprah has been sharing her “Favorite Things” list with us every holiday season for the last 20 years. But this year the “queen of television” penned a deal with Amazon to offer

Rock Band Drum Cake makes for a delicious peripheral

Yum, who’s hungry for Rock Band Drum Cake?! The icing on the cake (pun intended!) is that this life-size delicacy actually sits atop an actual Rock Band drum kit stand. The 12-year-old who recei

Aluminum MacBook Pro, iPhone turned into cake

<img src="" alt="cake" />Look at that photo. All of that is edible, and likely delicious. The mouse, the iPhone, the MacBook

When you want to care enough to send the best, but forget

<img src="" alt="cake-in-a-jar" title="cake-in-a-jar" />I mailed a birthday card out yesterday to a family member who's birthday w

Turn your Xbox 360 avatar into a cake-top figurine

<img src="" />How many of you modeled your Xbox 360 avatar after yourself? Plenty of you, I'm sure. Not me, no. (Gotta be diffe

Cake maker messes up cake, hilarity ensues

<img src="">A customer brought a picture of her boss into a bakery to be made into a cake -- so far so good, right? She handed the photo ov

Mario and Princess Peach tie the knot, here’s the cake

Yum. Look at this deliciously entertaining wedding cake, will you? It’s like Mario Kart meets Super Mario Galaxy meets whichever game features the Princess’ palace. Smart of them to move into her

Bezos says Kindle will be back in stock soon, loves the cake

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, shot out a personal note to customers apologizing for the Kindle’s sold out status. Apparently, they weren’t prepared to sell out of the eReader in 5.5 hour

Dorktastic Wedding Cakes

Merciless Cake of the Gladiator The miracle of time known as Digg gives us yet another reason to laugh at our peers. This time, it’s wedding cakes that feature extremely geeky themes. From Homes

Make Cakes in Your Computer! EZ-Bake Drive

Geeks like to eat sweets. Don’t believe me? Go find a geek, you’ll find junk food. But homemade cake is better than store bought cake. And homemade cake from your favorite computer is the

The Tastiest Video Game You'll See All Day

Meet Mario. He’s a plumber who picks up random coins he finds and sits around all day taking mushrooms and picking fights with some dude named Bowser. That Mario can be sort of a deadbeat. This