• The 2011 Disrupt SF Battlefield Final Round Companies

    The 2011 Disrupt SF Battlefield Final Round Companies

    We are two days into Disrupt SF, and 31 startups have battled in front of the judges and an audience of thousands to vie for the Disrupt Cup and $50,000. The caliber of the startups across the board was so strong that seven of them are advancing to the final round. After tallying up the judges scores and conferring with the TechCrunch writing staff, Heather Harde and I have selected the… Read More

  • Founders Den: First Class — 11 Startups Emerge From The Non-Incubator Incubator

    This past January, we first wrote about Founders Den, a new shared office space based in the SoMa district of San Francisco. The idea was to create a private clubhouse where invited entrepreneurs (including California’s Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom) could come to hang out and small, referred startups could rent space. Today, the don’t-call-it-an-incubator incubator had… Read More

  • Simplee Makes Your Medical Bills Understandable

    Health care is a mess in this country, especially the payments and insurance side of the equation. But as I mentioned in my last post on Brighter, a new group of startups are attacking the problem by giving consumers better information and tools to take control of their healthcare dollars. Let’s call it DIY health reform. Another startup launching today in private beta, Simplee, is… Read More

  • Cake Health Wants To Be The ‘Mint For Health Insurance’ (Beta Invites)

    If you’re like me, terms like “out of network” and “deductible” are cringe-inducing. Not just because they generally involve me forking over money for healthcare, but also because navigating the waters of health insurance — and figuring out exactly what I should be paying for — is a complete pain. Cake Health is a startup that’s looking to help… Read More